September 2011 Partnership Activation 2.0 Newsletter

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 This month's newsletter features a collection of insights, including:

  • A List of 10+ College Rivalry Sponsors
  • LSU's new Microbrew - Bandit Blonde
  • Best Practices from Formula 1
  • The State Farm Territorial Cup Series
  • Chelsea FC TV
  • Heineken's OOH Billboard Displays
  • ESPN UK's Billboard Twitter Engagement
  • Major League Soccer's Fathers Day Twitter Contest
  • Vitaminwater's "Are You Nash Enough?" Campaign
  • Sport Teams and Social Impact
  • Creativity in the Sports Marketplace
  • September 2011 Partnership Activation Rising Stars
  • Using Foursquare to Support the Local Community
  • "Going Big" With Your Activation
  • A Close Look at the 2011 Rugby World Cup
  • 5 #SportsBiz Twitter Handles You Must Follow
  • Create Ways to Generate Awareness in Tennis
  • The Nike Film Room
  • The Denver Broncos' Corporate Partner Pick 'Em Challenge
  • Adidas Calls on Dwight Howard to Dunk on a Giraffe
  • Red Bull Gives Surfing a New Viewpoint with Flares
  • Five Non-Traditional Ways to Leverage QR Codes in Sports

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