The Sacramento Kings and Liverpool FC Demonstrate a Commitment to Social Media

As teams encourage their fan base to become more active and engaged within their social media channels, it's important that they demonstrate a full committment to the medium.

In recent months, many organizations have begun to create dedicated pages on their team websites where they highlight which players, management, mascots, staff, and legends are actively using social media and available for fans to reach out to. This practice is terrific because it helps teams demonstrate to fans that they truly embrace social media from top to bottom and it provides fans with more access to all of the team's stakeholders than ever before. 

Two organizations that have done a terrific job highlighting their organization's committment to social media include the Sacramento Kings and Liverpool FC. Both organizations have made the effort to provide complete lists of all their stakeholders on Twitter, Facebook, etc. - a best practice for many organizations.

Check out their efforts below and be sure to comment if you've seen any other teams develop similar landing pages that highlight their social media efforts!