'09 Super Bowl Activation and Branding Gallery

Are you looking to enhance your on-site experiences for fans at football events? Are you interested in seeing how the NFL activates around its premier event of the year?

The 2009 NFL Super Bowl, hosted in Tampa, Florida, featured plenty of activities and events for fans leading up to the big game. While the status of the current economy caused many sponsors to stay home, fans were still treated to a variety of interactive football-themed areas around town.

Check out 50+ pictures of activation, fan experiences, and branding tactics around this year's Super Bowl here: 2009 Super Bowl Activation and Branding Gallery

PA Activation Galleries - Updated!

The PartnershipActivation galleries (Activation Gallery, Global Activation Gallery) were recently updated with hundreds of new photos. Take a moment to check out new pictures of sports billboards, sports vehicles, sports inflatables, activation tactics, and more!

Billboard of the Day: Puma Promotes Usain Bolt's Olympic Accomplishments (displayed in NYC):

Check Out the Galleries - New Updates!

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Over the past few months, PartnershipActivation.com has built the world's largest database of photos that capture sports activation, branding, and ideation from across the globe.

If you haven't done so, you NEED to check out the Activation Galleries.

A collection of photos have recently been added to each of the following galleries:

The Activation Galleries also provide an in-depth perspective of:

Simply click on each of the photos within the galleries to see enlarged versions. Take a moment to check out the galleries - it will be worth your time and efforts!

New - Nike Far East Activation/Branding Gallery!

Nike%20museum%20-%20Beijing.jpgNike recently accomplished the feat of reaching $1BN in sales in the Chinese market. The global retailer is leveraging the names and likenesses of its stars (Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Ronaldinho, Roger Federer, etc.) to place their brand in the hearts and minds of consumers throughout the Far East.

But what is Nike doing in these markets to activate? How is Nike effectively spurring this growth and consumer demand?

I have compiled the world's most comprehensive gallery of Nike's activation, branding, and advertising in the Far East. The gallery features 226 pictures of Nike's billboards, guerilla, displays, and events that have been implemented over the past decade. The gallery displays Nike's Far East activation across: China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

New - Adidas Far East Activation/Branding Gallery!

adidas%20store%20-%20japan.jpgAdidas is focusing the majority of its $80-$100MM Olympic rights on penetrating China and the Far East. The company projects that its sales in China will surpass $1.58BN in 2010 (WSJ, 7.3.08).

But what is Adidas doing in these markets to activate? How is Adidas effectively spurring this growth and consumer demand?

I have compiled the world's most comprehensive gallery of Adidas' activation, branding, and advertising in the Far East. The gallery features 96 pictures of Adidas' billboards, guerilla, displays, and events that have been implemented over the past decade. The gallery displays Adidas' Far East activation across: China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

New Post: Stanley Cup Finals Activation Gallery

penguinslim.jpgWith rising ratings, attendance figures, and corporate sponsor support, all signals indicate that consumer interest in the NHL is definitely back. Thus, it was time for me to post a Stanley Cup Finals Activation Gallery that depicts the exciting market and corporate support that the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins received during the Stanley Cup Finals.

As the picture to the left demonstrates, Red Wings fans are pretty passionate about their hockey, even if it comes at the expense of a stuffed penguin on parade day... Nonetheless, there was some unique branding and activation around the Stanley Cup Finals, so definitely check out the new Activation Gallery!

Everyone Loves the Beer Man...

beer.bmpWho hasn't had a discussion about the beer man while attending a baseball game? Over the past century, beer men roaming the stands at ball games have become as engrained in the sport's culture as the seventh inning stretch.

But what is it about the beer man that captures the attention and interest of fans in the ballpark? Why haven't alcoholic beverage sponsors worked harder to leverage one of the most visible assets in the park? What other opportunities/best practices exist with the ballpark beer man?

To help address some of these questions, I have enclosed a collection of Beer Man photos in the Activation Gallery. After doing some preliminary research on the Internet, I came upon some interesting findings:

  • Wally the Beer Man is a local legend in the Minneapolis-St. Paul vicinity; famous you might say. Wally has his own baseball cards and has been a focal point of national media coverage on multiple occasions...Wally has been selling beer at almost every beer-friendly sporting event in the Twin Cities since 1970.
  • japbeer.bmpJapanese beer men strap a keg onto their backs (with a portable cup dispenser) to serve fans at local baseball games. I have yet to see this innovative strategy reach be implemented in the United States - a best practice if fans do not prefer a variety of beers! I would't be suprised to see some alcoholic beverage sponsors seeking exclusivity conduct a similar practice
  • The Japanese also offer "beer women" that roam the stands and serve beers to fans in attendance... Even these women carry a keg on their back to serve fans!
  • Each beer man has his own style:
    • Unique apparel messaging (Free Beer!, Drink Beer!, etc.)
    • Props (hats, glasses, pins, whistles, socks, etc.)
    • Unique beer calls / dances / beer pouring skills
    • A collection of different ways to carry/distribute beer (boxes, trays, racks, kegs, etc.)
    • Unusual hair/facial hair styles

Why hasn't a company like Miller or Budweiser put together an innovative viral marketing campaign around the beer man that shows some raw footage/beer calls? It would be an INSTANT HIT.

Here are some of the beer man videos circulating the web...


Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words...

Allianz%20Arena%20-%20Crowd%20Choreography.jpgOver the past few days, I have posted hundreds of pictures in the two (2) activation galleries, listed in the left sidebar. These galleries are filled with hundreds of innovative tactics, messaging mediums, and portray sports from a global perspective.

One of the primary goals of this website is to provide you, the reader, a better idea of partnership activation from a global perspective, and I think the activation galleries are where you will expand your breadth of knowledge the most.

Some insights you will find within the galleries include:

  • European soccer uses a variety of entertainment to spur fan interest: fire breathers, fire spectacles, and unique crowd choreography
  • Japanese baseball differs from American baseball when it comes to the beer man. The beer man in Tokyo roams the stands with a keg strapped to his/her back... the Japanese also display fireworks during the 5th inning and toss balloons in the air during the 7th inning stretch
  • The Allianz Arena (Munich, Germany) could be questionably the coolest stadium you have ever seen
  • World Cup '06 activation was out of this world - activation ranged from life-sized foosball tables to gigantic, interactive soccer balls placed throughout Germany, the host country
  • Stadiums across the United States feature a variety of unique elements - see for yourself!

Activation Gallery Update: Sports Billboards

Bank%20of%20America%20-%20Boston%20Fenway.jpgTonight I posted over 100 new pictures of innovative sports billboards from across the globe. Outdoor tactics included in the gallery cover everything from basketball to rugby. There are some great ideas, so if you have a moment check it out here.

If you have any suggestions of content or pictures that you would like to see, please contact me at bgainor@partnershipactivation.net!

Create Unique In-Venue Branding Tactics...

guerilla%20bowling.jpgHave we seen the invasion of guerilla marketing in the sports arena space? Not quite yet. But there are a number of unique branding initiatives that you can develop to drive awareness for your corporate partners in-venue...

With teams, agencies, and sponsors alike pushing for out-of-the-box ideas, please check out the "Sports Guerilla Marketing" page of the Activation Gallery for a few ideas to get your thought process flowing.

Tactics in the gallery provide unique insights into branding:

  • Parking Lots
  • Concourse Levels
  • Bathrooms
  • Outoor Pavilion Areas
  • Escalators
  • Elevators