Adidas' All In Campaign - A Multi-Platform Success

The following video case study demonstrates how adidas effectively partnered with Carat and Google to create a multi-platform digital strategy that generated huge results for the brand on a global scale.

As marketers, it's important that we fully utilize all available channels to maximize impressions, consumer engagement, and shareability. Check out adidas' case study below:

Velodrome Branding is Harder Than You Might Imagine

Are you looking for new signage application techniques? Are you looking to sell sponsorships for a velodrome facility?

The enclosed clip details the process it takes to paint sponsor signage onto a Velodrome. Prior to the 2009 World Cup, officials at the British Cycling called in a team of experts to apply signage at the British Velodrome, a very arduous process. Check it out!

Looking For New Online Content? Consider Capturing Pre-Game Rituals...

Is your organization looking for new content to feature on its team website? Are you looking to capture elements that will spark fan interest?

Teams looking to spark consumer interest online should consider capturing pre-game rituals to feature on the team website. Players, teams, and even fans perform a variety of superstitious acts to get ready for gametime. From pre-game chants to concentration techniques, there are a lot of pre-game preparation techniques that make for some great content to feature online or during breaks in play on the scoreboard. Check out a few examples of quality pre-game ritual content below:

Brian Dawkins, Pre-Game Walk and Conversation with the Ball

All Blacks Rugby Team, War Dance

Lebron James and Damon Jones, How Am I Looking Display

John Henderson, Pre-Game Face Slap

Chris Cooley, Colt Brennan, and Todd Yoder Football Toss

Vince Carter, Basket Chin Up

Evgeni Malkin, Last Player on the Ice Skate

The NBA Adds a Little Humor to Their Sales Pitch...

Is your organization looking to provide fans with a unique look at your players? Are you looking to create a brand building campaign that incorporates a twist of humor?

Over the past decade, there isn't a league that has done a better job profiling its star athletes than the National Basketball Association (NBA). The league's new "The Where Amazing Happens Tour" promotional campaign does a great job providing fans a new, entertaining look at the game's stars. Check out three (3) of the five (5) promotional spots below:

To drive viral buzz for the promotional campaign, the NBA also released some behind-the-scenes looks at the production. Check out a clip of Chris Paul's spot in action:

Mascots Get Freaky With Their Dance Moves...

When was the last time you monitored your mascot's performances?

If it's been awhile, it might be time to go back and review the music and performances of your "most visibile employee" in-venue. In some cases, it might be time to scale back their performances a little to re-connect with your target consumer: children and families. In other cases, it might be time to let your mascot cut it a loose a little bit more.

Here are six (6) examples of mascots "cutting it loose":

Nobody Does the "White-Out" Better Than PSU...

Are you looking to leverage your brand at one of the craziest college football stadiums in the nation? Are you looking for best practices when it comes to fan entertainment?

Look no further than the atmosphere at Penn State. There isn't a sports property that does the white-out better than Penn State athletics and the 105,000+ fans that attend PSU football games at Beaver Stadium. Check out the videos below, which provide a perspective of the game atmosphere when the Nittany Lions hosted Illinois earlier this season:

The Redeem Team Eats Wendy's...

With McDonalds spending hundreds of millions of dollars to serve as an Official Sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, you would have thought that the Redeem Team would eat its fast-food meals there, right?

Wrong. The clip below shows numerous members of the United States Men's Basketball team sitting down to eat Wendy's and discuss the Starbucks and Slim Jim brands... Wendy's representatives, take advantage of this viral!!!

Sponsorships... From the Driver's Point of View

Have you ever wondered how much corporate branding is visible to drivers when they are circling the track?

The following clip provides you a view of the sponsorship world from a Formula 1 driver's perspective:

On this particular racing occasion, the following brands seem to have some nice at-track visibility:

  • ING
  • Bridgestone
  • Vodafone
  • Martini

If You Have Five (5) Minutes...

If you have five (5) minutes, check out the video below of a 2008 K1 World Cup fight. The clip provides a great perspective of K1 Fighting in relation to the way we run boxing, wrestling, and ultimate fighting events here in the United States.

There are a few main things to look for:

  • Introductions - Very similar (boxer even uses Eminem music and the announcer speaks English, despite the event taking place in Taipei)
  • Sponsorships - The ring is very cluttered (The event's mat signage is something unique to the sport). I counted at least eight (8) different sponsors within the ring - the most prominent being Tokyo Tires, Black & Black, Castrol, and Hi Mo) 
  • The first round knockout... The Russian Fighter easily knocks out the 7-foot Korean fighter...

A Look Back at Some Great Integration...

I came across a few Burger King NFL commercials from a few years back that I wanted to share... These commercials serve as a benchmark for brand integration. The two (2) Burger King commercials spawned a handful of imitations and rebuttals that I have also included...

Check out the videos below and brainstorm ways that you can implement similar tactics into your video imagery!

And Here Are the Mock Clips...

In Case You Missed The ManU-Chelsea Shootout...

I wanted to post the stellar Manchester United-Chelsea shootout from two weeks ago...

Why? Because everyone loves shootouts... and there were a few other key notes:

  • AIG, Samsung, Ford and Heineken receive incredible publicity - the four (4) global brands are engrained in a moment that many Europeans and soccer fans across the globe will NEVER forget
  • 166MM euros were on the line
    • John Terry, who missed the fifth penalty kick for Chelsea (to win) is the highest paid player in the Premier League, making 6.8MM euros per year (130,000 euros per week!)
    • In 2007-08, Chelsea payed out 132.8MM euros (an equivalent of $263MM!) to its players - the highest salary costs of any club in the Premier League (In contrast, ManU spent 92.3MM euros...)
    • Salary costs for Europe's top-flight soccer clubs have risen to a record 63% of the team's overall revenue

Nike's Joga Bonito...

video%20vault.gifNike has done an incredible job of understanding what the non-traditionalist soccer fan wants to see... behind-the-scenes, unique footage of star soccer players off the pitch. Nike has effectively satisfied consumer demand for videos that mirror user-generated content by creating "Joga Bonito" clips that are designed to drive viral buzz around the company's soccer initiatives.

Please check out the video vault to see Nike's effective portrayal of the types of soccer clips that fans want to see!

Video Vault Updates!

video%20vault.gifTonight I added two (2) new pages to the Video Vault, featuring:

  • The Beauty of the Half Court Shot Promotion - click here to check it out!
  • The Best Sports Commercials Featuring Corporate Integration - click here to check it out!

I will be updating each of these pages with new clips that I come across. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along to