Red Bull Goes Extreme with Pond Skimming in Russia

As Red Bull continues to revolutionize the extreme sports space, it recently launched a tremendous event in St. Petersburg, Russia that could have some promising implications in the United States.

Red Bull unveiled a pond skimming competition that featured 120+ costumed snowboarders riding down a sloped hill and launching themselves into a pool of icy water. The contest proved to be a hit with onlookers and would likely be a great addition to an X-Games or Dew Tour event in the United States.

As brands look for new ways to activate outside the box, the opportunities are endless in the extreme sports space - a notion that Red Bull and Nike continue to prove on a regular basis.

Check out the captivating Red Bull Pond Skimming event below:

Oakley Celebrates Its Partnership with Shaun White in Style

Oakley and Shaun White recently teamed up to present Shaun White Air & Style Beijing, the largest snowboarding event ever to be held in China. The event served as a terrific way for Oakley to leverage its partnership with White (which it has maintained over the past 10 years) to gain market share in China, an emerging market that is currently experiencing a cultural revolution.

The event attracted nearly 10,000 action sports enthusiasts and a collection of the world's finest snowboarders and is being recognized as a monumental occasion that will greatly enhance the growth of the sport in China. Check out two (2) terrific videos that showcase the magnitude of the event, which was held on December 4th in Beijing: