Industry Profiler: Activator

In December 2010, Partnership Activation began an Industry Profiler Series that is designed to provide sports business professionals with an in-depth look at some of the industry’s finest sponsorship tools and services. The 2nd feature of the Industry Profiler Series will center on Activator, a cloud-based enterprise system that Turnkey Sports & Entertainment is set to formally launch in the first and second quarters of 2011.

The Activator platform was designed to serve as a central library for information and two-way communication amongst properties, brands, and agencies. The system allows parties on both sides of a marketing partnership to engage in a seamless manner, using tools that are provided to collaborate, analyze adjust partnership tactics, monitor inventory, share presentations, and have a clear focus on optimizing a healthy return from their partnerships.

To develop a sponsorship solution that properly serves brands, properties, and agencies, Turnkey designated the Chicago Bears organization as a development partner and worked hand-in-hand with their corporate partnership activation team to test and refine the functionalities of the Activator platform. Turnkey also made the Activator platform available to ten (10) teams and brands and their marketing partners across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, and MLS during a BETA phase to garner additional feedback, ideas, and solutions.

Activator supports two categories of users – patrons (paid users) and recipients (parties that are invited to use Activator by a partner). The two (2) parties have many of the same capabilities but there are a few key differences. Activator patrons can also upload and share content across all of their partners in the system (versus recipients, who can only upload and share with one, direct party at a time).  Also, patrons are able to view content purchased from outside Data Service Providers (DSPs) directly within Activator (recipients are not afforded this capability).

Here is a quick look at the platform's features and functionality:


The interface of the Activator system was designed with the end user in mind. The interface resembles a Facebook profile page, with a very clean look that features a list of tools in the left-hand column and a Wall that serves as a centralized area for communication where users can post text, images, and video. One unique feature of the Activator system is a feedback function that allows parties to share direct feedback about partnership performance on an event by event basis. Users can also share interactive presentations (including audio/video) using SlideRocket’s   presentation tool without ever having to leave the Activator platform. These presentations can also be shared with outside parties via simple URL’s that can be sent in emails.     


Within the Activator system, parties can upload their contractual agreements (to monitor assets on an ongoing basis) using a simple Excel template that Turnkey shares with users. Once contracts are uploaded into the system (which is password protected and permission-based), users can track performance metrics, inventory utilization, and more. One of the most intriguing features of Activator is an Apps tool that allows patrons to access information directly from Data Service Providers (Arbitron, Nielsen, Repucom, Turnkey, etc.). Users can also use Activator to set up custom RSS feeds, convert video files, and build out a list of contact information for corporate partners.


Turnkey S&E has made Activator a fairly affordable tool for its patrons:

Note: Some additional Upgrades & Services fees include: 10GB Storage Upgrade ($20/month), Additional SlideRocket Seat ($24/month), Telephone Support ($150/30min), Telephone Training Session ($500/120min session), In-Person Training Day ($2,500 + expenses), and Quick Start Consulting Package ($2,500 for 10 hours as needed within the first 30 days of use).

Enclosed are some screenshots of the Activator platform. Check out the Turnkey Sports &Entertainment website for more information on Activator and additional services they offer for stakeholders in the sports marketplace.

Note: Partnership Activation is not affiliated with Turnkey Sports & Entertainment and the Activator platform in any manner. Please feel free to leave sentiments in the Comments section below about your experiences trialing the Activator platform.