Bring Signage to Life with an Element of Engagement...

Are you looking for new ways to engage consumers on-site, despite having limited resources? Are you looking for new ways to leverage in-venue signage?

As stadium clutter remains a point of concern for corporate partners, sports marketers should consider new ways to engage fans using static stadium signage. The enclosed adidas ad (as featured in Japan) serves as an excellent benchmark for corporate partners looking to bring their static signage to life on game day.

By simply clipping/attaching a select number of VIP badges (5/50/100/1,000) to a static piece of signage located in the stadium concourse level, corporate partners can electrify excitement among fans. With a simple call to action (video board/LED messaging, PA, ticket stub, online mention prior to the game), sponsors can leverage their stadium signage to serve as a "stadium destination" where fans can hurry to win badges redeemable VIP experiences, exclusive merchandise and a variety of other prizes.

As an example, Coca-Cola could feature an announcement on the video board during halftime that directs fans to head to a select Coke-branded pillar for the chance to win 1 of 100 VIP badges (that can be redeemed for: limited edition online music downloads, exclusive gameday experiences (e.g. ballboy, post-game party, floor seats), co-branded team gear, free Coca-Cola at games for the rest of the season, etc.).

Sponsors can build excitement throughout the season by rotating the location of their signage inventory in-venue (causing fans to go look for it prior to the game) and offering new prizes. With the advent of QR codes and RFID technology, corporate partners will soon be able to replace VIP badges with select barcodes that scan to win prizes.  These efforts will help corporate partners:

  • Drive incremental value out of their existing inventory (turning bland stadium signage into venue destinations for fans - almost like a scavenger hunt)
  • Reward fans (driving demand/interest through scarcity)
  • Tie signage inventory to additional assets (hospitality, drive traffic to online destinations, etc.)