Adidas Supports the All Blacks with an Impressive Projection Display

Adidas recently demonstrated its support for the All Blacks during the 2011 Rugby World Cup by displaying an incredible team-themed video projection on the back of the St. James Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand. The projection, which incorporated 3D mapping technology, spanned 20 meters high, creating a spectacle that fans could see from far distances away.

To pull off the impressive projection stunt, adidas allowed the team's fanbase across the world to "Stand in Black" and submit photos, videos, and inspirational messages that were incorporated into the display as a fan mosaic.

Check it out below:

Adidas' All In Campaign - A Multi-Platform Success

The following video case study demonstrates how adidas effectively partnered with Carat and Google to create a multi-platform digital strategy that generated huge results for the brand on a global scale.

As marketers, it's important that we fully utilize all available channels to maximize impressions, consumer engagement, and shareability. Check out adidas' case study below:

adidas Drives Store Traffic With Shoe Box Marketing Stunt

adidas celebrated the grand opening of its flagship store in Melbourne, Australia with a creative marketing stunt designed to drive excitement and foot traffic. adidas erected several giant shoe boxes throughout the mall and gave unsuspecting consumers passing by a left shoe with a voucher attached that they could redeem for a free pair of shoes of that style inside the adidas store. 

The adidas marketing stunt was creatively executed and served as a great way to generate buzz and excitement at a relatively low cost. Check it out below:

It would be interesting to see professional sports teams benchmark this marketing/PR stunt to drive awareness and excitement for new merchandise items throughout the season. Teams could set up mystery boxes throughout the concourse (staffed by interns) giving away free apparel and premium giveaways - a tactic designed to drive traffic and sales in the official team shop.

adidas Goes All In With A 3D Projection Show in Marseille

adidas kicked off its "adidas is all in" global marketing campaign with an amazing 3D projection show on the side of a historic building in Marseille, France. The footwear and apparel leader used 3D mapping technology to stun a crowd of 1,000 onlookers with amazing displays and intense imagery.

The event, hosted by DJ Cut Killer and held at the Palais du Pharo, has been generating buzz in the digital space in recent days. Check it out below:

adidas and Peter Cech Give Goalkeeping a New Meaning

Sports organizations looking to deliver new viewpoints and insights for their fan base should take a close look at a creative piece that adidas recently released on its Official Football Facebook Page. The Official World Cup sponsor teamed up with the Czech Republic's heralded goalkeeper Petr Cech to give soccer fans across the globe a unique look at what it takes to make a save in a penalty kick situation.

adidas equipped Cech with a camera on his head during a practice session and filmed him giving pointers on how to make incredible saves in pressure situations.

The camera work is simple yet provides fans with a new viewpoint that does a terrific job demonstrating the speed of the game. It would be great to see more sports organizations offer their fan base this unprecedented access!

Check it out below: 

adidas Rocks Europe with the NBA 5 United Tour

Are you looking to host a premier grassroots basketball tournament? Are you looking for ways to engage the local community?

In 2009, adidas executed a major grassroots basketball campaign called the NBA 5 United Tour that appeared in five (5) major cities across Europe (Athens, Madrid, Rome, Istanbul, London). The tour provided consumers in those cities with the chance to compete in a premier basketball tournament and enjoy a variety of festivities and interactive skills challenges.

  • Athens - Featured 336 teams (2,088 players) at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens
  • Madrid - Featured 257 teams (1,596 players) in front of the IFEMA Feria De Madrid
  • Rome - Featured 127 teams (779 players) at stadio Flamino
  • Istanbul - Featured 201 teams (1,223 players) at the grounds of Santralistanbul
  • London - Featured 114 teams (696 players) in front of the O2 Meridian Gardens

While adidas served as the presenting sponsor of the tournament, EA Sports, Powerade, and the NBA also invested into the tour and had a notable presence on-site. The tour's activities included daily 5v5 games, a three-point shootout, a slam dunk competition, performances by NBA dance teams, and EA Sports Video Arcade competitions.

adidas supported the campaign with an official Facebook page and an official Twitter page (although neither attracted a significant following).

Check out a few videos below that recap the activation and entertainment that took place on the adidas NBA 5 United Tour:

Athens Recap

Madrid Recap

Rome Recap

Istanbul Recap

London Recap

adidas Goes Guerrilla with Star Wars Characters

Are you looking for new ways to leverage partnerships in an effort to drive retail traffic? Are you looking for new ways to leverage mascots and non-traditional characters?

adidas recently drove awareness and traffic to its flagship store on Orchard Road in Singapore by executing a terrific Stars Wars guerrilla marketing stunt. The exhibition, designed to promote the launch of adidas' 2010 Originals x Star Wars collection, featured approximately 20 Stars Wars characters (led by Darth Vader) raiding the adidas store, purchasing goods, and engaging with consumers while walking the streets of Singapore with branded adidas bags in tow. adidas teamed up with the 501st Star Wars Costume Group to execute the stunt.

Sports properties looking for new ways to drive traffic and buzz at retail should consider ways that they can benchmark adidas' creative Star Wars stunt. For example, properties and retail partners can easily team up to hire a team of actors wearing football equipment (resembling the team's players) running through a mall and into a desired store location during a busy shopping weekend.

Retail partners can even drive team affiliation awareness by featuring actors (in uniforms) doing touchdown celebrations/plays at high-traffic street corners and offer tickets/discounts to passerby consumers. Consider ways that you can leverage mascots and non-traditional characters (e.g. actors in uniform) to drive traffic and awareness to your location. For the price of store appearance by a premier player ($750+ for 90 minutes), retailers can deliver as much (if not more) value with a set of qualified actors performing a unique marketing stunt!

Check out adidas' Star Wars stunt below: