Teams Can Turn to Projection Mapping to Promote Airline Partnerships in New Ways

Over the past few years, airline partners have invested more time and resources into their team, league, and event sponsorships. Airlines have invested in branding aircraft with team marks, developing loyalty programs for fans, creating ownable stadium destinations, and distributing free ticket vouchers to fans in attendance.

While airlines have sought to activate their partnerships more actively at airports nationwide, one tactic that we have not seen executed to date in conjunction with a team partnership is projection mapping. Just think how amazing it would be to look out the window at the airport and see a virtual Tom Brady throwing a touchdown pass to Deion Branch along the side of the plane.

While projection mapping would likely need to be a one-off marketing/PR stunt, it would be fun to see an airline promote team partnerships in its hometown market by featuring a different projection display along the side of an aircraft (or inside along a wall in the concourse) every night of the week. 

As shown below, Air Baltic recently generated buzz during the holiday season by featuring a projection mapping stunt at a Latvian airport that showed a team of virtual elves raiding a plane that was stationed at the gate. The marketing tactic, which caught passengers by surprise, was filmed and uploaded to YouTube and instantly generated 24,000+ likes in less than a day.

Check out the clip below and consider new ways that your organization can leverage its partnerships with new forms of technology in high-traffic locales!

Emirates Touches Down at the 2010 World Cup

Emirates is leveraging its designation as FIFA's only Official travel partner in Johannesburg with an amazing activation display at Fan Fest that allows fans to test their soccer skills in an interactive challenge. Emirates is currently featuring a giant inflatable on-site that replicates the airlines' A380 Airbus fleet, which now flies to eight (8) select destinations across the globe.

Within the inflatable, Emirates offers soccer fans a chance to score against a virtual goalkeeper in a live penalty kick challenge. Participants are given three (3) attempts to score and are provided with a print out that details their shot selection and serves as a great takeaway from their experience. Fans waited in extremely long lines to participate in the challenge.

Check out some pictures of the activation display below:





Check out a video detailing Emirates' innovative fan engagement tactics on-site at the World Cup:

Emirates, the world's fastest growing airline, is also activating its World Cup sponsorship in a number of different ways:

  • Emirates provided team and association travel wherever possible (to and from the world Cup)
  • Emirates surprised several senior media figures from across the globe with a superb South African 2010 FIFA World Cup package, which included a tour of leading local attractions in Johannesburg and the surrounding area
  • Emirates had the exclusive rights to offer either live or delayed in-flight broadcasts of the World Cup matches in 2010 and 2014
  • Emirates received a ticketing and hospitality facility at all World Cup matches
  • Emirates was provided the opportunity to offer unique 'follow your team' travel packages that allowed fans to watch their favorite team's games while waiting at the airport and flying on board

News Source: Kuwait Times 

Leverage Airline Partners with Special Video Shoots

Sports properties looking for new ways to leverage airline partners should consider sending a team of athletes to an airplane hanger for an exclusive video shoot. Here, players can perform tricks, stunts, and show a little enthusiasm for fans to enjoy.

By simply using an airplane as a backdrop (or prop), teams can create a highlight video that can be shown on the scoreboard during a game or on its homepage to help drive affiliation awareness. Airline partners can even consider bringing this to life by running a sweepstakes that allows a few select fans the chance to take part in the filming of the shoot live in person (and receive a behind-the-scenes tour, etc.)

Check out the video below, which should help reinforce the opportunity at-hand!

JetBlue Lands at the BankAtlantic Center

A rendering of the JetBlue tailfinAre you looking for new ways to leverage airline partners? Are you looking to bolster your gate entrances with elements that drive awareness for your organization's cornerstone partners?

The Florida Panthers and JetBlue are celebrating their partnership by featuring a 22.5' x 26' airplane tailfin outside the BankAtlantic Center in South Florida. The fixture will serve as a gathering place for fans prior to games, concerts, and related events taking place at the arena. The tailfin will be revealed at a ceremony prior to the Panthers home game against the Washington Capitals on Tuesday, May 16th in an area the team is calling the "JetBlue Tarmac".

The giant tailfin signifies a non-traditional landmark that teams can consider incorporating at stadium gate entrances to drive greater awareness for their airline partners. With custom airline paint schemes becoming an industry trend, a signature tailfin landmark serves as a great way to tie everything together on-site for fans.

Ad Graphics, a corporate partner of the Panthers organization, built the tailfin off-site and transported multiple pieces to the BankAtlantic Center parking lot in early March to be assembled. Check out how the team built the giant tailfin here.

The Panthers and JetBlue announced a partnership in November 2009 and are further leveraging the agreement with TrueBlue Nights at the BankAtlantic Center, joint marketing promotions, and advertising. On TrueBlue nights, fans can receive a free ticket to a Panthers game by wearing blue or signing up to become a TrueBlue Member.