The Socceroos Creatively Play Up Their Opponents

Are you looking to build excitement for an upcoming match against an inferior opponent? Are you looking for creative ways to drive mass media impressions?

In 2008, the Socceroos (the Australian national soccer team) was looking for a creative way to promote their upcoming match against Ghana. To help drive buzz and awareness for the match, the club turned to Lowe Sydney, a notable advertising agency, to devise a unique marketing campaign.

The collaborating parties created a radical grassroots marketing campaign centered around a fake Ghanaian soccer fan club that consisted of four members who spelled out G-A-N-A on their chests. In an effort to recruit people to be their missing "H" (to complete the club and spell out G-H-A-N-A) the fake fan club heads to high-traffic locations to engage with consumers and drive awareness for the match.

The campaign generated a large amount of publicity across Australia and served as an effective means to promote the match. Check out the creative promotional campaign below: