Axe Teams Up with Larissa Riquelme to Generate Buzz in Soccer

During the 2010 World Cup, Axe partnered with Larissa Riquelme, an iconic Paraguayan model who is well recognized by soccer fans across the world. Axe and Riquelme teamed up on a simple guerrilla marketing strategy that helped the brand cut through the clutter and generate $2M value of media impressions.

Check out the campaign below and consider ways that your brand can use recognizable fans celebrities associated with sports (outside of players, coaches, and alums) to generate buzz in unconventional ways!

Lynx Uses Augmented Reality to Make a Splash at Victoria Station

Unilever recently teamed up with Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) to create a captivating augmented reality campaign at London's Victoria Station in an effort to drive buzz and awareness for the Lynx brand (an extension of Axe in the UK).

Unilever created an initiative where consumers could stand on a special floormat within Victoria Station and see themselves interacting with virtual Lynx Angels (models) on a giant video board near by. The augmented reality campaign attracted the attention of thousands of consumers passing through the busy locale and served as a great way for the brand to create a viral piece that has generated plenty of buzz in the digital realm.

Unilever's campaign is very interesting because it is a tactic that could be replicated by professional sports organizations looking to make a splash in a high-traffic location prior to the season, during key events (All-Star weekend, etc.), or during the offseason. Teams could work with a local agency to create digital footage of players and embed it in an augmented reality campaign that truly engages fans at a moment when they least expect it.

Check out the Lynx Angels campaign below: