Kit Kat Releases New Soccer/Basketball Viral...

Are you looking for new ideas to create a captivating viral piece? Are you looking for ways to integrate sports to speak to a general audience?

Kit Kat recently released an unbelievable viral piece in the United Arab Emirates that demonstrates kids on the playground practicing some amazing soccer tricks with basketballs. The clip leaves the viewer trying to depict which playground skills are real and which ones are fake. The Kit Kat viral is a "must-see" piece for those looking for unique content in the soccer and basketball space. Check it out below:

After watching the clip, did you find yourself amazed by some of the tricks featured in the piece? Yet, did you also find yourself scratching your head about how the clip ties back to the Kit Kat brand?

Unless the goal of the viral campaign is to drive awareness and traffic back to the official Kit Kat Chunky Boys website, it is difficult to see a direct correlation with the Kit Kat brand (or Nestle for that matter). Hopefully Nestle's brand representatives will make a tie-back more clear in their future viral campaigns!