For Heineken, It's All About the Experience

Are you looking to create a new, unique mobile marketing campaign? Are you looking for new ways to leverage an alcoholic beverage provider?

In 2008-09, Heineken toured the globe with a captivating mobile marketing tour called the Heineken Extra Cold Experience. The campaign toured major cities across the globe (spanning multiple continents) in an effort to promote the fact that Heineken can be served "extra cold" to drive refreshment.

To demonstrate how consumers feel while drinking an Extra Cold Heineken, the company created a mobile tour experience that featured a collection of engaging elements, including:

  • A Big Igloo Experience (Where Premiums Were Distributed)
  • An Ice Bar (With Free Samples)
  • A Live Stage
  • Live DJ Entertainment
  • Heineken Models
  • Lounging Stations and Giant Ice Cube Chairs

Heineken supported the campaign with a tremendous Facebook Fan Page filled with tons of pictures, videos, and consumer feedback.  

Check out a few videos that detail the incredible experience Heineken is offering consumers (and how they created it):


Check out the Heineken Extra Cold Experience campaign microsite below (geared towards the European marketplace):