Yankees Fans Enjoy the Best Buy Match Game

Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans between innings?

Best Buy features a very entertaining video board segment in between innings at the new Yankee Stadium that challenges the memory skills of fans. Best Buy features a "Match Game" vignette that tasks one (1) select Yankee fan with memorizing which Yankee player was featured twice behind a series of tiles that resembles the Brady Bunch.

The feature would serve as a terrific way for teams to promote:

  • Dating Services (feature different singles behind the blocks)
  • New Team Apparel/Equipment/Hats
  • Automobile Companies (looking to showcase a new model)
  • Sponsors Looking to Drive Team Affiliation (as shown above with Best Buy)

Consider new ways that you can bring your events to life for fans outside the lines!

Do Your Vignettes Feature Product Placement?

Are you looking for new ways to drive incremental value for corporate partners? Are you looking for ways to showcase a new product or brand?

Arizona State Athletics has done a tremendous job over the past years with the pre-game intro vignettes they feature on the videoboard at Sun Devil Stadium. The clip features the team's mascot stomping his way into the stadium, crushing a University of Arizona bus along the way.

However, take a moment to notice the creative Nike product placement throughout the vignette (Uniform :05-:08 / Shoes :44-46, :53-:55, :58-1:01, 1:10-1:11, 1:18-1:19, 1:21-1:22). The ASU Football vignette, providing a total of :18-:20 exposure, serves as a great way to drive some additional value/affiliation awareness for Nike in-game!

Check it out below: