BMW Proves 3D Building Projections Are Here

Sports marketers operating stadium venues with vast blank facades are missing out on a golden opportunity to market to fans entering the stadium and consumers passing by on a daily basis during their morning and afternoon commutes.

With new advances in 3D projection technology (in addition to the LED outdoor marquee displayed by the Miami Heat), sports marketers can display powerful messages on the exterior walls of stadium venues to help drive ticket sales, promote corporate partners, drive awareness for team campaigns/slogans, and simply entertain fans.

While fixed costs are still relatively slightly steep for this messaging medium, they will lower in the coming years and can serve as an impactful way for teams to provide captivating messaging during key times during the season and offseason.

To help demonstrate how powerful 3D building projection messaging can be, take a look at a recent event showcased by BMW in Singapore. The campaign was produced by Publicis Asia and is truly powerful!