Is Music Part of Your Branding Strategy?

Is your team looking for new ways to remain relevant during the off-season? Are you looking for new ways to your organization's players?

Teams interested in producing new viral content, maintaining relevancy during off-season months, and promoting the star power of individuals, coaches, and team personnel should consider turning to music to accomplish their objectives. Teams can drive affinity for certain individuals and potentially create viral hits by giving local music talent an opportunity to create songs about the team's stakeholders.

Organizations operating on tight budgets can consider having the local singers perform acoustic sets and can film the performances using a Flip Video camera. If a team creates several songs (for different individual players), all of them might not be popular but many organizations just need to strike gold with one viral piece.

Teams can consider integrating these songs during pre-game introductions (basketball), plate appearances (baseball), or shortly after a player scores or makes a big play (hockey, football) and can potentially distribute this content as premium giveaways at the gate... The opportunities are endless.

Check out the video below (which serves as a terrible example) and consider new ways that you can drive value for your organization via sonic branding!