Activation of the Day - Dunkin' Donuts

Are you looking for new ways to leverage Dunkin' Donuts as a corporate partner? Are you looking for creative ways to leverage signage giveaways and other premium items?

Massivemedia recently executed a terrific guerrilla marketing campaign on behalf of Dunkin' Donuts at a recent major endurance event. Massivemedia featured a sign station where fans could place customized messages on "You Kin' Do It" signs and had a Dunkin' Donuts on-site to engage with consumers.

Check out some pictures of their activation below as well as some links that detail some of Massivemedia's related grassroots campaigns that have been executed on Dunkin' Donuts' behalf: 



Dunkin' Donuts Cap Distribution at the NYC Marathon - Click Here

Dunkin' Donuts Coupon Sampling - Click Here

Source: Massivemedia

Bring Your Out-of-Home Campaigns to Life with Steam!

Are you looking for new ways to leverage team partners? Are you looking for ways to bring the excitement of your games to life for fans during the work week?

McDonald's recently teamed up with Cossette, an advertising agency based out of Vancouver, Canada to create a stimulating out-of-home campaign designed to drive awareness for the chain's coffee offerings. Cossette built a steam machine to fit inside a bus shelter that let off periodic bursts of steam, revealing a hidden message about a McDonald's free coffee promotion.

The creative outdoor campaign, executed to perfection, offers some parallels for sports marketers looking for new ways to stimulate consumer awareness:

  • Teams can promote an upcoming season (and leverage a home improvement/grill partner) by featuring a branded miniature grill giving off steam that reveals the slogan, "It's Time to Kickoff the Season... Are You Ready?"
  • NASCAR (and/or participating teams/sponsors) can feature a visual of a car smoking with a captivating message
  • Teams can feature of a picture of players running out of the tunnel with smoke (e.g. steam) exploding from the visual (think of the Miami Hurricanes running out of the tunnel with the steam)
  • The Miami Heat (and teams with related fire monikers) could feature an outdoor ad with steam to show opponents cooling off
  • Teams can leverage coffee vendors (as seen in the ad) by touting exclusive season-long promotional offers