Gonzaga Unveils New Microsite for Women's Basketball Program

Gonzaga University celebrated the start of the 2010 women's basketball season by unveiling a new, interactive microsite that serves as an ultimate destination for fans to get all of the content they need. The site, ZagsLocker.com, provides a means for the athletic department to highlight the women's basketball program in a simple yet comprehensive manner and engage with current and prospective fans.

The framework of the site was built with six (6) strategic objectives in mind:

1. Enhance fan engagement throughout the season

a. Fans can upload their personal photos to the site in an effort to win tickets and see their picture featured on the scoreboard, accompanied by a PA mention, at a live game

b. When submitting photos, fans are required to provide their email address, allowing the athletic department to message to them throughout the season

2. Strengthen fan affinity and goodwill via interactive contests and in-game engagement

a. ZagsLocker.com features an "Interact to Win" section that allows fans to reply to specific questions via tweets/Facebook posts to win select prizes. Fan comments made via social media (posts about Gonzaga athletics on Facebook walls; direct messages to/from Gonzaga Athletics on Twitter) provide additional exposure to fans that may not have been communicated to via traditional marketing efforts

3. Provide fans with an inside look at Gonzaga's women's basketball via "Zags TV"

a. ZagsLocker.com features a link to the Official Gonzaga Athletics YouTube page where fans can check out new weekly content of Gonzaga WBB on Zags TV

4. Data mining for future marketing campaigns

a. Gonzaga Athletics is giving away commemorative Sweet Sixteen mini-banners to all fans that register on ZagsLocker.com with their full information. This strategy allows the athletic department to collect useful information for database/marketing purposes and drives additional awareness amongst fans and alumni of the WBB team's past Sweet Sixteen run.

5. Drive season and NCAA tournament ticket sales

a. ZagsLocker.com features a direct link (Buy Tickets button) for fans to purchase season, group, individual, and NCAA tournament tickets throughout the 2010 WBB season

6. Generate merchandise sales

a. Fans have the ability to link to the official online merchandise store to purchase goos by hitting the “Buy Gear” portion in the locker on ZagsLocker.com

The West Coast Conference Goes Viral With Fan Draft...

Is your conference or organization looking to drive buzz with a captivating viral campaign? Are you looking for new ways to stimulate online fan interest?

The West Coast Conference recently unveiled a humorous "WCC Fan Draft" social media campaign that will serve as the primary marketing campaign for each of the conference's eight (8) member institutions in 2009. Fans can view the campaign by visiting one of the eight (8) customized University viral sites: 

It is exciting to see a conference using social media to better its institutions. Organizations that can find a way to scale these type of social media projects across a number of beneficiaries will find that they will deliver better results. The West Coast Conference has been able to successfully drive a significant amount of buzz online already with the campaign. Fans that take part in the viral initiative even have the chance to win tickets to the 2010 Zappos.com WCC Basketball Championships (March 5-8).

The West Coast Conference used funds received through a 2009-10 NCAA Women's Basketball Marketing grant designed to increase awareness, exposure, and attendance of women's basketball. The West Coast Conference is hoping that the targeted viral initiative will result in a 15% increase across the board (awareness, exposure, attendance).  

The humorous campaign is very entertaining but will it drive fans to take action? It will be interesting to see. Check it out below:

Source: GoZags.com