Activation of the Day (12/16) - Sherwin Williams

Are you looking for new ways to leverage paint and home improvement vendors? Are you looking to create new video board vignettes to feature in your arena?

The Indianapolis Colts teamed up with Sherwin Williams to create a "Paint Your Face Cam" that is featured on the video board at Lucas Oil Stadium. While fans likely would not want to paint their face with the same paint materials they would purchase at their local home improvement store, the feature does a great job tying paint into the game experience. It is simple, yet memorable on game day.

Check out a picture of the activation tactic below:

The Colts and United Way Help Dreams Come True

Are you looking to implement new philanthropic efforts? Are you looking for ways to help fans make a difference?

The Indianapolis Colts have teamed up with the United Way to create a tremendous Horseshoe Dreams initiative to provide memorable experiences for underprivileged persons in the local marketplace. The program was designed to allow Colts season ticket holders to donate their game tickets to Colts fans who may not don't have the financial resources to attend a game.

The initiative serves as a great way for Colts fans, who may not be able to attend a home game for various reasons, to donate their tickets to persons of need, that could really enjoy the experience. All too often, fans realize in the hours leading up to the game that they cannot attend and feel like they have to put the tickets to waste. This initiative can help them feel like they are instead making a difference in the local community (and also benefit from their donation being tax deductible).

Fans can submit ticket donations up until three (3) hours prior to kickoff (although it is preferred that they send them in 72 hours before the game). To donate tickets, fans just have to follow a few easy steps:

  • Log into their My Colts Ticket Account
  • Click "Forward your tickets to charity"
  • Check the boxes next to the seats they would like to donate, then click "Forward"
  • Select "Donate tickets to charity" and click "Continue" to complete their donation

This initiative serves as a benchmark for other organizations looking to align with philanthropic properties to make a difference in the community. Think of the little things your organization can do to provide memorable experiences for others!

The Indianapolis Colts Help a Hoosier...

Is your organization looking to make a difference in your local community? Are you looking to align your organization with an important cause?

The Indianapolis Colts have recently become a leader in the sports cause marketing scene with their organization's "Help a Hoosier - Spark Random Acts of Kindness" initiative. The team has made it their personal mission to help others living in the state of Indiana through random acts of kindness, goodwill, and monetary support.

To drive support for the campaign, the Indianapolis Colts released a captivating viral campaign (shown below) and are hosting a Help a Hoosier Canned Food Drive on March 20th at Monument Circle from 11am-1pm. On their team website, the Colts feature a list of suggested simple acts of kindness that people can consider doing to help friends, strangers, and family living in the state of Indiana:

  • Have a clothing drive at work donate to a homeless shelter, pay for a kid to play in a sports league, visit a nursing home, donate your child's toys to charity, buy lunch for an intern, share your umbrella, volunteer at a local elementary school, take a homeless person out for lunch, write a supportive letter for a friend, etc. 

Take a moment to watch the Colts' captivating viral campaign for the Help a Hoosier initiative and pass it along to five (5) friends. The video features a collection of Colts team employees asking YOU to join them in the movement:

A special thanks to Bryan Kryder for his contributions and insights to this column.