The Arizona Diamondbacks Unveil the Dbacks Legends Race

The Arizona Diamondbacks are taking their game entertainment to the next level with the introduction of a new Legends Race initiative that celebrates four of the team's All-Star players from the past. The team's new entertainment tactic, sponsored by Henkel North America, serves as a great way of how sports properties can take a general concept and customize it to make it their own.

When the team unveiled the Racing Legends for the first time on Friday, four costumed employees with oversized heads standing 10-feet-tall represented former Diamondbacks' players Randy Johnson, Luis Gonzalez, Matt Williams, and Mark Grace. The race, won on the first night by Randy Johnson, will occur between the 5th and 6th inning of every Diamondbacks game for the rest of year and beyond. But the first race was not without conflict as depicted by the picture that shows Manny Ramirez throwing a towel at Mark Grace in the race.

Henkel will use the characters to help promote its Dial soap, Renuzit air freshner, Right Guard deodorant, and Purex detergent brands. It is not known what type of agreement the team has with the former players to leverage their name and linkeness in the promotion.

Racing Legends initiative will surely become a hit with fans in Phoenix, sportscasters on Sportscenter, and players across the league. Check it out below:

Courtesy: @VinceMarotta

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