The Dodgers Get Interactive with Digital Fan Billboards

Are you looking for new ways to engage fans prior to the season? Are you looking for new ways to drive fan engagement online?

The Los Angeles Dodgers recently teamed up with Channel 1 Media to create a terrific customized online campaign to engage fans prior to the start of the 2010 MLB season. The two parties created a really cool campaign that enables fans to create their own billboard... in a matter of seconds. The initiative, designed to drive fan interest and ticket sales, is a turnkey piece that can be implemented by teams from all leagues.

The campaign is really simple, yet very interactive and fun for consumers. The best part is the fact that it ties directly back to the Dodgers' terrific "This Is My Town" billboard messaging campaign from 2009 and truly lets fans be a part of the action. Channel 1 Media and the Dodgers also did a great job building in social media functionality to help the campaign go viral (see the Facebook, Twitter, and email functionality on the last picture below).

Check it out at

Billboard of the Week - Manny's Back!

Are you looking to welcome a high profile athlete back to your organization? Are you looking to create a brand building billboard campaign?

The Los Angeles Dodgers organization celebrated the return of star LF Manny Ramirez during the offseason by featuring a "Manny's Back" billboard campaign along major roadways across the city. The billboards served as an effective reminder of team's commitment to winning and stimulated buzz and interest for the upcoming season.

Check out the billboards below that capture Manny Fever in LA: