Pringles Goes Ambush at Wimbledon...

Are you looking for unique ambush marketing ideas? Are you looking for for new ways to drive awareness on-site without owning rights to marks?

Pringles, a Procter & Gamble brand, recently took on Wimbledon with a creative ambush marketing campaign. As tennis fans lined up to head into Wimbledon's famous All England Club on July 1st, representatives distributed 24,000 specially marked Pringles"crisps" tubes that read, "These are not tennis balls!" (playing off the fact that Pringles tubes mirror the packaging that tennis balls are sold in).

Pringles drew extra attention to the campaign by featuring Roger Federer and Bjorn Borg look-a-likes (termed "doubles") on-hand to interact with consumers. According to Event Magazine, the guerrilla tactic gained coverage on Radio 1, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and the Washington Business Journal.

The limited edition Pringles tubes were also sold at select retailers in Europe. Check out some pictures of the unique tennis themed packaging and execution below:


Source: Event Magazine, Mash Marketing

Agencies: Touch (Execution), Mash (Staffing)