Puma Challenges Runners to Take on the Dubai Vertical Marathon

GulfNews.comMarketers looking for new ideas to execute in the running space should take a close look at the Dubai Vertical Marathon, a terrific charity event that Puma recently hosted on May 28th.

Here's a quick breakdown of the event's festivities, which benefited Medecins Sans Frontieres:

  • Puma outfitted 200+ participants with exclusive t-shirts and prepped them for the endurance event with organized group stretching exercises after the registration process began at 6:30am of the Godolphin Ballroom at the foot of the Emirates Towers in Dubai
  • After the stretching exercise occurred, the participants scaled the 350 metre high tower (1,334 stairs - totaling 52 floors)
    • Puma placed shoes along the course up the tower and offered a free Puma bag to whichever participant could correctly guess the number of shoes along the way 
  • Puma rewarded all of the participants with a party on the top floor, which included dancers, disco lights, and music

The results? The event raised over 29,486 euros for MSF... a terrific event! It would be really amazing to see the New York Road Runners or another running organization offer this in one of New York City's tallest skyscrapers!

Check out a video of the action below:

Source: Dubai City Guide