Activation of the Day - Dunkin' Donuts

Are you looking for new ways to leverage Dunkin' Donuts as a corporate partner? Are you looking for creative ways to leverage signage giveaways and other premium items?

Massivemedia recently executed a terrific guerrilla marketing campaign on behalf of Dunkin' Donuts at a recent major endurance event. Massivemedia featured a sign station where fans could place customized messages on "You Kin' Do It" signs and had a Dunkin' Donuts on-site to engage with consumers.

Check out some pictures of their activation below as well as some links that detail some of Massivemedia's related grassroots campaigns that have been executed on Dunkin' Donuts' behalf: 



Dunkin' Donuts Cap Distribution at the NYC Marathon - Click Here

Dunkin' Donuts Coupon Sampling - Click Here

Source: Massivemedia