Endesa Leverages Title Partnership with a Game at Its Corporate Headquarters

It's become very interesting to see how brands across the globe are leveraging their title partnerships in new, innovative ways.

In Spain, an International utility company named Endesa recently signed on as a title partner of a premier Spanish Pro Basketball League. To celebrate the partnership, Endesa built a basketball court inside their corporate headquarters and organized a game featuring some of the league's star players, cheerleaders, music, and live entertainment. Over 1,000 people enjoyed the live basketball game, which was played in the mail hall of Endesa's company headquarters in Spain.

Players were also invited to tour Endesa's facilities and have an opportunity to meet with 57 accredited media companies that were on hand for the event. Endesa's unique celebration served as a unique way to generate buzz around it's title partnership of the Spanish Pro Basketball League, which will be called "Liga Endesa", and demonstrate that it's fully engrained and committed to the sport.

A special thanks to Jean-Paul Forsans for bringing this terrific initiative to my attention. Please take a moment to join his "Brands and Sports" group on LinkedIn, which is dedicated to sharing best practices and innovative ideas in the world of sports!

Check out a video of the action below as well: