Brands Drive Visibility with Eyeblack...

Are you looking for ways to further integrate your brand in the action? Are you searching for new ways to connect with fans?

Eyeblack ( features an innovative, recognizable product for all to enjoy on game day. The company has taken a unique approach to make medical grade athletic tape, adhesives, and customized logos marketeable for both athletes and fans.

Eyeblack's product is currently sold at retail but can be utilized as a great gameday giveaway to drive brand awareness/affiliation. When utilized as a promotional giveaway, Eyeblack can be distributed in promo sheets, which feature two (2) Eyeblack eyestrips complemented by a redeemable coupon/project starter/schedule. The promotional eyestrips are made of the same materials that athletes use on the field. 

For more information on Eyeblack's patent-protected product, feel free to reach out to Brian Hendricks (, who does an excellent job taking care of his clientele.