ING Direct Grabs Global Attention with Professional Fan Contest...

Are you looking to create a campaign that will stimulate incremental media coverage for your organization? Are you looking to create a promotion that leverages social media tools?

ING Direct recently featured a case study of its extremely successful Formula 1 "Professional Fan" 2.0 campaign online for sports business professionals to model. ING created the campaign as a way to increase consumer engagement with F1 driver Fernando Alonso, who is often perceived as being distant and unapproachable.

The promotional campaign centered around Alonso putting an advertisement in the newspaper looking to hire a professional fan who represented him during his chase for the F1 Championship. Consumers were asked to submit video entries for why they should be chosen for the position (and receive 3,000 euros to represent him during the season)

The case study demonstrates how ING Direct was able to use a creative promotional concept to drive awareness and engagement across the globe, despite having a limited activation budget.

The campaign drew 800,000 visitors to the promotional website, 35,229 user entries, 11,253 comments on blogs and Facebook, 459,000 YouTube impressions, and occupied a media space valued at 2.5MM euros. Thus, it is worth taking five (5) minutes below to check out the impressive case study of the promotional campaign below!