Enhance Stadium Concourse Signage with QR Code Giveaways

Corporate partners looking for new ways to engage fans on gameday should consider featuring QR code displays within the stadium concourse that deliver unique, interactive content. Brands leverage QR codes on back-lit displays to distribute free music downloads, gameday programs, virtual premium giveaways (wallpapers, animated characters, 3D characters), free mobile subscriptions, video vignettes, books/magazines, interactive games, and highlight reels to fans.

Firstbank, Colorado's largest locally owned bank, recently engaged travelers at Denver International Airport with three (3) engaging billboard displays featuring QR codes that offered free books, Sudoko, and crossword puzzles. Each of the billboards featured specific messaging that explained to travelers how to access the free content.

Program Details:

  • Firstbank estimated that it would give away 7,000 books, Sudoko games, and crossword puzzles over a 5-month span
  • The process of downloading a book to a smartphone via QR reader took less than 30 seconds
  • Firstbank offered twelve (12) classic books, three (3) crossword puzzles, and Sudoko for travelers
  • Consumers could download via mobile phone or online at efirstbank.com/books

Teams could look to replicate this concept within their stadium venues (on behalf of corporate partners) or as a unique messaging campaign in the marketplace. For example, teams could leverage their partnerships with airline partners to feature signage inside airports offering free team content (highlight reels, gameday programs, special offers) to travelers as they wait for their flights. This could also be replicated with auto partners (in waiting rooms), grocery store partners, electronics partners, etc.

Check out Firstbank's terrific airport marketing campaign below:


Activation of the Day - STA Travel, Outback Bowl

Are you looking for new ways to promote supporting travel agency partners on game day? Are you looking for new ways to get fans excited about travel destinations?

STA Travel supported its partnership with the 2009 Outback Bowl by featuring an engaging display at the event's Fan Fest located near Gate D. The STA Travel display featured a football toss exhibit where fans could win free giveaways (t-shirts and koozies) by hitting a target in the center of a massive Australia map (which tied into the Outback Bowl thematic).

STA also held drawings on-site for free travel and have away some Outback Bowl mementos that fans could redeem for cash off their next travel purchase with STA. To drive interest in the football toss display, STA personnel displayed a giant scoreboard that tallied points scored by fans of each team.

For more information, check out STA Travel's official blog and Twitter profile.