Are Your Promotions on Target?

Nancee E. Lewis/Union-TribuneAre you looking for ways to generate a numerous amount of publicity? Are you looking to create a consumer-facing promotion that benefits a charitable cause?

PF Chang's recently teamed up with PGA Tour pro Briny Baird to create a promotion many would claim as "out of this world". The fine dining restaurant offered all consumers in the country a free order of lettuce wraps if Baird could hit a golf ball from the top of the Omni Hotel downtown onto a bullseye target located in the right field of Petco Park. Situated 340 feet in the air and 268 yards away from the flag, the promotonal stunt was challenging, and one that had never been done before.

Baird was given ten (10) shots to hit the bullseye target located in Petco Park to win free lettuce wraps in America... and he needed just one (1). The PGA Tour pro went on to hit eight (8) of the remaining (9) in the target as well, a feat that resulted in PF Chang's donating $17,000 to the San Diego Navy Marine Corps Relief Society (which the chain later upped to $25,000).

How did the scoring work? For every ball Baird hit in the center of the target, PF Chang's would donate $2,000. For every ball that landed in the inner ring, PF Chang's would donate $1,000 and for every ball that landed in the outer ring, PF Chang's would donate $500. Padres general manager Kevin Towers even joined in on the action and landed a few shots close to the target.

The promotion drew a significant amount of media buzz for PF Chang's, an elegant chain that doesn't find itself in the media circles too often. With a low cost investment, considering the fact that most people won't head to receive just the chains' free signature lettuce wraps, PF Chang's was able to absorb a tremendous amount of publicity from a natural, good cause.

Consider new "out-of-the-box" ways that you can leverage your stadium facility to a sponsor's benefit!

Check out two (2) clips from the event below: