Gillette Turns to Kenny Mayne & His Razor to Connect With Sports Fans

Gillette has turned to famed ESPN Personality Kenny Mayne (@Kenny_Mayne) to promote its new line of Fusion ProGlide products and help drive connects with young male sports fans. Gillette recently unveiled a series of virals entitled, "A Man & His Razor" that have already begun to create a stir in the social media marketplace.

The virals feature Mayne using and conversing about Gillette Fusion ProGlide products during his daily routine on the set at ESPN and behind-the-scenes.  The success of the campaign demonstrates that not just current/former athletes and coaches serve as effective spokesmen in the sports marketplace - select reporters and television personalities can have a strong influence with fans as well.

Check out Gillette's four (4) terrific virals starring Kenny Mayne below and plenty more from the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Challenge Ultimate Summer Job tour here.

The Gillette Young Guns Play Chicken To Drive Buzz

Is your organization looking to create an out-of-the-box viral marketing campaign? Are you looking for new ways to leverage social media to drive interest in NASCAR?

Gillette recently released one of the most creative viral pieces that the NASCAR world has seen to date. The clip, which was completely digitally produced, features three (3) Young Guns - Carl Edwards, Kasey Kahne, and Kyle Busch - playing a game of chicken at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Gillette is taking the campaign to the next level on by letting consumers type in a 25-character custom message that they would like to see the drivers burnout. Users can then share their experience with friends.

It will be interesting to see if Gillette opts to run this viral campaign on national television to promote the Young Guns initiative... it may convert a lot of sports followers into NASCAR fans!

Gillette is Stayin' Alive with Jeter, Woods, and Federer...

Are you looking for ways to incorporate a national media campaign into gameday settings? Are you looking for new ways to leverage athlete endorsers?

Gillette recently launched a bold campaign entitled, "The Walk of Gillette", that places its three (3) key athlete endorsers - Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, and Roger Federer - in an unforeseen setting (the 1970's). The campaign is designed to spark a "Here's to Confidence" movement that drives consumers to sign up for the chance to win a free Fusion Razor. Gillette is supporting the campaign by giving away free Fusion razors to the first 500 registrants on the promotional page every day for a month from April 16th through May 16th.

What's unique about this campaign?

Gillette is going to feature the 60-second ad on the jumbotron during 17 Yankees home games over the course of the next month (have we ever seen a company leverage this inventory to push a national media campaign?). They are complementing the in-game spot by offering an SMS promotion that will give away free Fusion razors to the first 1,000 Yankees fans that respond to an in-game SMS promotion.  After hearing a Gillette PA announcement, fans are asked to text in a special short code to receive a short code that they can redeem on Gillette's promotional page for the chance to win a free Fusion razor.

The unusual campaign, which emphasizes the confidence consumers feel when using Gillette products (versus a focus on product attributes), is proving to be very popular in its early stages of existence. Since its launch two (2) weeks ago, the Gillette's "Stayin' Alive" piece has garnered over 500,000 views.

Source: MediaPost