AB Scores with Mascot Can Race Between Periods

Are you looking for new ways to drive excitement around alcoholic beverage partners? Are you looking for ideas to enhance your in-game entertainment?

The Grand Rapids Griffins of the AHL recently did a tremendous job bringing back the excitement of the Bud Bowl in an entertaining on-ice promotion between periods. The club featured a live race between a Budweiser, Bud Light, and Bud Light Lime can that was heightened by a intro piece that was very well done  While most teams simply execute a contest between periods, the Griffins really took the promotion to the next level with the creative training lead-in.

The Griffins' Mascot Can Race is a simple intermission tactic, but serves as an effective way to drive fan excitement for Anheuser-Busch brands when most fans are heading out to the concourse to purchase their favorite beverage! Check it out below!

Use the Penalty Box to Promote Green Initiatives

Is your hockey organization looking for new ways to "go green" on game day? Are you looking for new ways to promote partners who support green initiatives during the game?

A pair of green men have become local legends at Vancouver Canucks games after being shown on CBC television taunting players from opposing teams seated in the penalty box. When opposing players are forced into the box, the "green guys" come up with creative ways to distract the players and attract the attention of fans seated throughout the arena. The Canucks' "green guys" have established an official Facebook page that has generated 14,000+ followers and features a collection of pictures, videos, and fan discussions. 

It is hard to depict whether the "green guys" initiative is a team-run initiative (if so, it's becoming a tremendous ploy to drive fan excitement), but whoever is behind the stunt is doing a tremendous job attracting a loyal following. 

If league rules permit, other hockey organizations (from all levels) should consider turning the penalty box into a "green experience":

  • A team partner that supports green initiatives can feature "green-specific" signage in the box, brand two (2) green men seated adjacent to the box (who are there to drive attention to the cause), and distribute green vouchers/giveaways to select sections any time an opposing player is put in the penalty box ... A cheap, creative way to drive awareness for green initiatives!

Check out the Vancouver Canucks' "green guys" in action below:

The Checkers Let You Check Out Their "Cribs"

Are you looking for new ways to leverage housing/realtor partners? Are you looking for ways to help build the identity of your organization's players outside of the stadium/arena? 

The ECHL's Charlotte Checkers recently promoted their partnership with the Park at Steele Creek living community by creating a humorous "Cribs" vignette that features the apartment of defenseman Ethan Graham. The 8:31 feature does a tremendous job profiling "The Official Off-Ice Home of the Charlotte Checkers" and provide fans with an inside look at the lifestyle of a minor league hockey player. It's refreshing to see teams work so closely with their players to provide unique content for fans (even if we aren't dealing with mansions and luxury automobiles behind the scenes)...

The Checkers feature the Cribs vignette along with a collection of other videos on the team's official YouTube Channel (check it out - a nice benchmark for other minor league organizations). 

Check out the Checkers' Cribs segment below:

Hats off to Thomas Smith and Patrick Stack for continuing to do some great things for the Checkers organization... keep up the great work!

Parachute Promos Delivers Value for Brands...

Are you looking for new ways to put your product in the hands of fans in-arena? Are you looking for new ways to impact the fan experience while driving brand impressions?

As brands continue to search for new, effective mediums to place their products in the hands of fans on gameday, they should not look past Parachute Promos. The promotional company produces tangle free parachutes that can be dropped from the catwalks of arenas, sporting events, and malls. Dropping free product strapped to parachutes creates a memorable in-game setting that drives sports fans crazy and provides brands a unique way to connect with consumers during the game. 

How does it work? During a select stoppage of play (intermission, media timeout, etc.), teams will leverage the video board and a PA to announce that (insert brand name) Chutes will be dropping out of the rafters (e.g. Chipotle Chutes). Each and every night the promotion is implemented, the result is the same... fans go wild for the chance to grab one of a few dozen falling free products parachuting from the roof.

Check out a brief promotional video that captures how Parachute Promos can drive excitement for your brand in-venue: 

The Parachute Promos video was produced by Andy Emery's Outsider Entertainment team. Andy's group produces some of the most captivating videos for teams and brands in sports. Check out their site here.