Race with the Rangers and the NY Lottery...

Are you looking for new entertainment acts to feature during intermission? Are you looking for new ways to leverage lottery partners?

The New York Rangers have teamed up with the NY Lottery over the past few years to feature a Human Puck Race competition during intermission that has proven to be a hit with fans. During Rangers games, fans can stop by the New York Lottery table to enter a drawing to compete in a 3-man Human Puck Race on the ice for a chance to win a select prize ($30K cash instant ticket, $50K grant instant ticket, etc).

The Rangers do a tremendous job building crowd excitement with some recognizable sound effects and a captivating in-arena PA announcer calling the shots.

Check out the videos below to see how the contest is executed:

The Mallards Introduce the Coors Light ICE ROW

Are you looking for new ways to leverage the first couple rows of seats at your venue? Are you looking for ways to promote MillerCoors' products?

The Quad City Mallards of the IHL recently unveiled a partnership with Coors Light and Euclid Beverage that is highlighted by a unique branding concept. The team has created a Coors Light ICE ROW that enables fans seated in the front row closest to the ice to experience a number of exclusive opportunities.

Thirty minutes prior to the walk up general admission, fans seated in the ICE ROW will be provided access to the Mallards locker room and hockey operations prior to the game. This will enable them to have plenty of time to enjoy the coach's comments to his team and fully experience the Mallards' behind-the-scenes experience.

The Mallards are also complementing the deal by creating four "Coors Light Corners" on their rink at the i Wireless Center. Coors Light logos will be displayed on the ice in each of the four corners for all fans to see (and hear on radio broadcasts).