Billboard of the Week - Ikea

Are you looking for ways to drive awareness for discounted ticket sales? Are you marketing a new, low-cost ticket price?

There is no question that Ikea is one of the best in the biz when it comes to creating compelling messaging campaigns that peak consumer interest. The company recently unveiled a creative billboard that SCREAMS low prices.

How did Ikea do it? They turned a full-size billboard into a giant price tag attraction (with a small chair attached). Using a little billboard creativity pushing price (over product), Ikea was able to effectively capture the attention of consumers passing by.

Which presents the following questions for sports marketers:

  • With the economy forcing organizations to lower ticket prices, why not take a gamble and create a billboard campaign that completely sells fans on the low price point/value of ticket prices (versus selling the brand, the product on the playing field, or incoming opponents)?
  • Why not turn a billboard into a giant ticket stub that displays an affordable price in a big, bold font with a small visual (i.e. basketball) attached?

Teams can also consider modeling Ikea's billboard practice to drive sales for select merchandise or awareness for exclusive in-venue destinations. Corporate partners can model the idea to push price-points using in-venue signage.