Bajaj Allianz Displays Innovative In-Game Advertising Concept

Are you looking for new ways to stand out during a nationally televised broadcast? Are you looking for ways to improve the impact of your in-game messaging?

Bajaj Allianz, India's leading private non-life insurance company, recently launched its latest advertising innovation during a recent India-Australia cricket match. The contest, played in Hyderabad on November 8th, featured Bajaj Allianz displaying its new Groovy Kids advertising innovation to promote the child insurance policies it offers.

Instead of featuring a commercial during a standard advertising break, Bajaj worked with the sports broadcasting company to have the cameras simply break away from the action taking place on the field to show a father holding a sign in the stands demonstrating that he has planned for his son's future (who happens to be standing right next to him).

The advert is so simple, yet effective because viewers at home will not turn away from the action (and in fact, will most likely pay more attention to try to read and comprehend what the sign says). Using split screen technology, Bajaj Allianz can effectively display messaging to inform consumers of their policies and drive them to their website. Bajaj Allianz received two (2) of these :10 spots during the game as opposed to having a commercial break.

Check it out below: