2011 Sports and Social Media Predictions

Jason Peck recently teamed up with a number of sports and social media industry thought leaders to create an insightful ebook that details Sports and Social Media Predictions for 2011.

I highly encourage you to take a few minutes to read through the free piece, as I am sure you will gain some valuable nuggets of information that you can share with clients, colleagues, and friends. The 2011 Sports and Social Predictions document features opinions, thoughts, and predictions from 17 industry professionals.

Check out Jason Peck's site, Take a Peck, as well, which serves as a tremendous industry resoure for all professionals working in sports and social media. Hats off to Jason, Ash Read, and all the thought leaders who contributed to create yet another terrific industry resource!

Live on Social Blueprint Connect!

If you are looking for social media insights, case studies, and personal success stories using social media, you need to check out some of the terrific things that Trevor Turnbull is doing with Social Connect Blueprint. The online social media focused platform serves as a terrific resource that is both educational and interactive.

On the site, Turnbull delivers a number of "How-To" training videos and live interactive webinars for individuals to enhance their social media knowledge and skill sets. In addition, he has featured a number of live interviews with social media professionals and recently incorporated eWayDirect's Jason Peck, Laura Gainor, and myself into the mix.

Take a moment to check out our interviews below and all of the additional content featured on Social Connect Blueprint here!

Brian Gainor Live on Social Blueprint Connect

Jason Peck Live on Social Blueprint Connect

Fresh Ideas, Trends, and Perspectives for 2010

Are you looking for the latest trends in sports and social media? After realizing that 2009 wasn't actually so bad, are you looking to have a new outlook on life heading into 2010?

We wanted to share two (2) tremendous e-books that were released today. Both are excellent reads, so please be sure to check them out and pass them (or the link to this article) along to all of your colleagues and friends in the industry who also may be interested.

The first e-book we would like to highlight is a compilation of the top sports and social media trends to follow in 2010. Social media enthusiast Jason Peck did a terrific job bringing the thoughts of 16 sharp individuals together with this piece. Check it out below:

Sports Social Media Predictions 2010


The second e-book we would like to profile was created by marketing guru Seth Godin and 69 of the brightest minds around the globe... This is a tremendous read that will give you a new perspective on life and business heading into 2010 (it is best to view the e-book in full-screen mode; scroll through the document by clicking your mouse on the right page). Enjoy!

What Matters Now