Nike Raises Money for Schools with Kids 5K...

Are you looking for new ways to engage kids? Are you looking for unique ways to raise money for schools?

Nike holds a "Nike 5K for Kids" event annually in Waikiki, Hawaii to benefit local residents and schools in O'ahu. The 5K for Kids event has grown tremendously - 10,000 children (and their families) were expected to participate in the 2009 September affair.

For the past ten years, Nike has hosted the event as a way to demonstrate goodwill in the community and get kids active. Nike donates 100% of all entry fees to O'ahu schools for athletic programs and playground equipment. The event raises $150,000 on an annual basis, generating over $850,000 for participating schools in just the last nine years. 

Event registration is open to all persons in the community (a $20 fee to participate) but families are encouraged to participate with their children. The event registration for the 2009 event, held on September 20th, was capped at 10,000 participants.

Here is a quick look at last year's Nike 5K for Kids event: