The Kings Let Groups of Fans Capitalize on Threes...

Sports organizations looking for new ways to attract and engage mid-sized groups of fans during games should take a close look at a program the Sacramento Kings are offering during the 2010-11 NBA season.

The Kings organization has created a special section, located just feet from the court near the baseline, that rewards fans based on how many three-pointers the team converts during games. The section, entitled the "Courtside Corner 3-Point Party", allows a group of fans seated in a 14-seat section to receive a $20 Kings Team Store Voucher (good with any $50+ purchase) for each three-pointer the team makes during a game. The group also receives a $200 food and beverage credit to be used for in-seat service thoughout the game.

The group receives a special three-point marker that will draw the attention of fans throughout the arena every time the team scores a basket from behind the arc and is guaranteed to be featured on KingsVision each game.

The best part about the section is the fact that if the Kings convert 14 or more three-point shots, everyone in the group gets their money back! One (1) group of (14) fans can sign up to sit in the Courtside Corner 3-Point Party each game  by calling 1-888-91-KINGS or visit No information was disclosed pertaining to the actual cost of group ticket prices to "own" the section.

In case you were wondering...

  • The Kings averaged 5.8 3-pointers made per game in 2009
  • The record for most 3-point field goals during a game is 23 (set by Orlando in 2009)
  • (8) NBA teams have made (12) 3-point field goals in (1) half
  • The Boston Celtics averaged 26.28 3-point field goal attempts in 2002-03 while the Atlanta Hawks only averaged 0.91 3-point field goal attempts in 1979-1980


The Maloofs Hand Deliver Kings Season Tickets...

Are you looking for new ways to spur season ticket renewals? Are you looking for ways to make an impact in the local community?

Gavin Maloof, co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, recently teamed up with Kings players and team personnel to hand deliver the Sacramento Kings' 2009-10 season ticket renewal packages. Maloof devised the door-to-door effort as a way to make the season ticket holder experience more personal and further demonstrate the team's loyalty to its fans as it undergoes a rebuilding process.

The Kings season ticket renewal packages feature a new loyalty initiative, price savings, and flexible payment options. The season ticket renewal hand delivery is just one tactic the team feels that it can do to show fans that they truly appreciate their support for the franchise.

"The bottom line is that we've got to get people in the building. We're going to hand-deliver season tickets, make it more personal. We want everyone involved. We're not going to be last (in the standings) forever. We're rebuilding. We should have started that process two years ago, and we realize that now. That's tough on all of us. But we have the draft coming, we'll get a couple new rookies, make some moves. And we'll keep coming up with ideas. We'll get it back." - Gavin Maloof

Check out a clip detailing the Kings' door-to-door delivery and consider new ways that you can consider applying similar practices to your business!

A special thanks to Alex Vitanye, an MBA/MSA student in the Ohio Center for Sports Administration program, for his insights and contributions to this colum.

Source (Quote): The Sacramento Bee