The Maple Leafs Look to Drive Tourists to Cuba...

Are you looking to align with a tourism board or assocation? Are you considering partnering with an unconventional partner?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are partnering with the Cuban Tourist Board in Canada to feature dasherboard signage in front of the team bench at the Air Canada Center. With dasherboard signage featuring the Cuban flag and the URL, the collaborating parties are hoping to draw attention to the country of Cuba as a tourist destination.

The branding play is very unique in North America given the travel restrictions placed on US Citizens looking to go to Cuba. Currently, only a small group of US citizens with family ties in Cuba have been able to fly to the country to visit their relatives.

However, it further demonstrates the trend of professional sports organizations aligning with tourism associations to market vacation locales and offer exclusive sweepstakes. Check out the unique signage below: