Burger King Gives LeBron James the Royal Treatment in Miami

Ever since LeBron James decided to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, buzz surrounding the franchise has been at an all-time high. While the Heat prepare for on-court success, local businesses are scrambling to discover the next great idea to capitalize on all of the hype.

Per a Sportscasm.com report, Burger King is capitalizing on all of the LeBron buzz by hanging a giant banner near American Airlines Arena that sends a direct message from the BK King to LeBron James, the new King of Miami, which reads, "King to King. Welcome to My Court".

The banner is very creative and meaningful, as Burger King's headquarters are located near the airport in Miami-Dade County. Look for more interesting tactics to come in South Florida!

A special thanks to Alecia Pynn for her insights and contributions to this column!