Properties Take Game Entertainment to New Heights

In today's sports marketplace, properties are expected to deliver a higher quality live game experience for fans than ever before. With new advents of technology, rising ticket prices, and the evolution of the at-home viewing experience, teams are consistently pressured to push the envelope as they look for new ways to create memorable experiences for fans attending games.

In recent weeks, two organizations turned to unconventional game entertainment techniques to engage their fanbases in new ways. Check out the two examples below and consider ways that your organization can introduce new forms of entertainment and excitement for fans!

Atlanta Hawks - Georgia Lottery Halftime Show

The Hawks organization recently partnered with the Georgia Lottery to execute a 3D halftime light show that helped educate and inform fans about their new $2 Powerball game. The Hawks created a 3.5 minute show that was projected on the basketball court floor that created excitement around Powerball in a compelling, non-intrusive manner.

The Hawks leveraged six (6) dancers and two (2) of its mascots to help illustrate the journey of the Powerball through several gaming platforms before becoming a winning number in an iconic lottery machine (per The team worked with BlackOut design and Moment Factory to pull off the stunt - check it out below:

Boise State Athletics - Flash Mob

The Boise State Marketing team recently pulled off a tremendous student section ("The Corral") flash mob performance that generated an elevated level of excitement in the Taco Bell Arena. Students wearing matching orange shirts and blue headwear performed two (2) choreographed dances in unison that took everyone in attendance by surprise.

The cost-effective game entertainment tactic served as a great way for the Athletic Department to generate buzz online (56K+ YouTube) as well as with the Boise State student and alumni communities. Check out the execution below:

Would a Mascot Proposal Grab Your Attention?


The Arizona Lottery recently drove awareness for the launch of its new jackpot game, Mega Millions, by creating an unforgettable moment at an Arizona Diamondbacks game. In an effort to promote the fact that Mega Millions and Powerball are now both available to Arizonans, the Arizona Lottery staged a live proposal between two (2) of its mascots.

The Powerball officially got down on one knee and proposed to the Mega Millions ball for all in attendance to see - a moment that was a little weird, yet extremely memorable. Check out how the whole moment went down at Chase Field below:

The moment came after a memorable night at the ballpark for the two lottery mascots, which even included an appearance on the Kiss Cam. Again, a little weird... but likely impactful for driving home the message to fans that Mega Millions is now available for Arizonans to play: