List of Sports Teams Using Foursquare

There has been a lot of chatter recently about what sports organizations are utilizing geolocation services like Foursquare and Gowalla. Here is a quick list of teams that have set up Official Foursquare Pages.

While some are more active than others (SF Giants, Washington Redskins, Manchester City FC, University of Michigan and Texas Tech Athletics), it's refreshing to see that all of these organizations are moving in the right direction when it comes to social media.

Check out the list below:


1. San Francisco Giants -

2. Los Angeles Dodgers -

3. Cleveland Indians -

Oakland A's -



1. Milwaukee Bucks -

2. New Orleans Hornets -

3. San Antonio Spurs -



1. Washington Redskins -

2. San Diego Chargers -



1. New York Islanders -

2. Washington Capitals -


College Athletics

1. University of Michigan Athletics -

2. Texas Tech University Athletics -

3. University of South Florida Athletics -


Barclays Premier League

1. Manchester City FC -


Major League Soccer

1. Colorado Rapids -

40 Ways Sports Teams Can Utilize Foursquare

Foursquare is one of the hottest social media platforms driving business in 2010 and the opportunities for integration in the sports space are endless. Here are some tips for how your sports organization can utilize Foursquare: 

5 Key Tips to Remember When Implementing Foursquare Initiatives:

  • Foursquare should be primarily viewed as a fan engagement channel that offers indirect monetization opportunities (driving ticket sales/concessions/merchandise, promoting corporate partners, etc.)
  • Do not create promotions that just reward "Mayors" (those who have checked-in at X venues the most times) - this limits the promotional audience as there are oftentimes only a handful of people who can overtake the Mayor to receive the promotional discount
  • Set realistic expectations - While the number of users and check-ins are on the rise, expectations for Foursquare promotions should still be set relatively low until the sports industry begins to experience more of a mainstream adoption rate 
  • Foursquare promotions are not self-sustainable - Teams must market Foursquare promotions in-arena, on their team home page, through social media channels (Foursquare, Twitter), and find a way to incorporate notable corporate partners and team personnel (players, coaches, alumni, cheerleaders, mascots, staff)
  • Capitalize on Foursquare by creating venues within your venue (Stadium/Arena) to drive traffic to party decks, stadium gates, concessions stands, the team shop, corporate partner displays, etc.

40 Ways Sports Teams Can Utilize Foursquare

  1. Offer a team-branded Foursquare badge
  2. Give fans a 15% discount at the team store after their 5th check-in
  3. Reward the person with the most-checkins (the Mayor) at the team store with 25% off purchase (note that this must be accompanied by a seperate offer for the general public to be effective)
  4. Run a real-time treasure hunt that rewards fans for checking in at certain venues (arena, team shop, corporate partner retail locations, games, etc.) with free tickets, merchandise, etc.
  5. Encourage fans to check in at billboards/outdoor signs to receive rewards
  6. Encourage fans to post tips about their experiences (e.g. tracking fan feedback to see what arena experiences they enjoy the most)
  7. Have players check-in at corporate partner retail locations (to drive buzz)
  8. Run a promotion that encourages fans to check in at the arena for the chance to receive a Swarm badge (which is given out if 50+ people check in at one venue at one time)
  9. Run a contest to see if the team can set the Guinness Book of World Records for most check-ins at one location (Manchester City FC tried doing this in May - the record at that time was approximately 500)
  10. Offer fans who check-in for the 1st time at the ticket counter a premium discount or unique giveaway
  11. Utilize Foursquare like a Loyalty Card and offer different levels of rewards for X number of check-ins
  12. Promote Foursquare ticket offers (receive 25% tickets when checking in at the ticket box office and purchasing a pair on Wednesdays)
  13. Provide an incentive for bringing family/friends; Offer a free concessions item for fans that check-in with more than 3 people
  14. Run a special on the team's Foursquare page that allows fans to get 30% off a stadium tour when checking in at the stadium on a non-game day
  15. Provide tips to fans about the hottest things to check out at the arena on given nights
  16. Offer a unique experience for all fans who check-in at all regular season home games
  17. Highlight new party deck experiences at the stadium/arena via Foursquare
  18. Promote game day giveaways on the team Foursquare page
  19. Offer tips to fans about new concessions items and merchandise in the team store
  20. Offer tips for families and students about the best time to purchase ticket value packs
  21. Leverage corporate partners (e.g. Subway) by offering a $5 gift card to fans who check-in at select party decks, special events, or at the stadium gates 1.5 hours before the game
  22. Teams can utilize Foursquare initiatives to provide their fans with real-time, engaging offers on Twitter and Facebook (to bring those channels to life)
  23. Offer fans that check-in when the gates open exclusive access to a pre-game lounge where the team features a player appearance, etc.
  24. Host a social media panel where team personnel teach fans how to use Foursquare to become a more avid fan
  25. Tie in a cause marketing component to a Foursquare promotion - Run a "Foursquare Mayor Gives Back" promotion where a team (or corporate partner) collects can goods/clothing/donations and the Mayor of the Arena gets to choose which charitable organization the items get donated to
  26. Have team employees working at the stadium gates, concessions stands, and team store wear pins that tell fans that they can win $1,000 by "checking in" on game day
  27. Provide fans who "check-in" at the arena with fun facts about the team
  28. Use Foursquare check-ins as an additional fan database (that can be rewarded with virtual gifts, specials on ticket offers, etc.)
  29. View Foursquare as a means to reach tech-saavy fans that can be used as a control group to better understand new ways that technology can improve the game day experience
  30. Leverage Foursquare as a means for guerrilla marketing, where players/team personnel can "check-in" at Gate 4 outside the stadium and tweet out that the first 4 people that meet them at the gate can receive free tickets
  31. Reward fans who check-in at special team events with promotional codes for free ringtones, wallpaper downloads, etc.
  32. Reward fans who show a corporate partner badge (e.g. Subway) - Note: CNN just had Official Foursquare badges released for Official World Cup Watch Parties it held
  33. Offer a team badge that fans watching at home can receive by simply checking in with the team name in their post (the Boston Celtics/LA Lakers did this during the 2010 NBA Finals)
  34. Host Swarm Badge Team Watch Parties
  35. Offer a promotion where if fans check in at all four (4) stadium gates during their experience, they can receive a free team t-shirt at a select customer service desk
  36. Teams can reward employees for "checking in" (free coffee, free parking, etc.)
  37. Teams can leverage Foursquare at Job Fair booths where they reward job prospects with a free premium giveaway, etc. for checking in (an initiative that can help teams gauge which prospects are the most tech-saavy)
  38. Incorporate Foursquare into corporate partner B2B sessions as a means to demonstrate new thinking and opportunities for social media integration
  39. Track trends about fan behavior (by understanding when/where consumers are checking in, teams can consider new engagement opportunities, etc.)
  40. Distribute free virtual tickets at sports locations (sports bars, parks, gyms, etc.) that can be redeemed for real tickets to a specific game - The New Jersey Nets teamed up with VaynerMedia and Gowalla to execute a similar campaign

For more ideas of ways that businesses are leveraging Foursquare, click here.

Manchester City FC Unveils Its New Team Foursquare Page

Sports organizations looking for new ways to tap into the social media space should consider benchmarking a recent tactic implemented by Manchester City FC of the Barclays Premier League.

Manchester City unveiled its new Official Foursquare page, where the team is planning on posting a collection of tips and specials for fans to enjoy in the coming weeks and months. The official page provides a list of Manchester City destinations where fans can check in and receive special discounts and enjoy a variety of engagement tactics.

The page, which already boasts 350+ supporters, also features a collection of links to the club's other social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and official team home page.

MCFC has been one of the most notable early adopters of Foursquare in the sports space. The soccer club teamed up with Umbro to generate buzz for their final match of the season against Tottenham Hotspur by asking fans to "check in" at the City of Manchester Stadium via Foursquare in an effort to set a world record for the most Foursquare check-ins in a single location at one time.

To generate awareness and interest, the team posted an announcement on its home page and offered fans the chance to win (1) of (11) limited edition Blue Moon t-shirts if they added the phrase 'Umbro Blue Moon Tee Please' to the tips section of their Foursquare check-in.  

Check out the page below and consider implementing this for your organization. After all, Foursquare is here to stay!