Hebrew National Offers Free Hot Dogs to Fans...

Is your brand looking for new ways to gain media exposure? Are you looking for ways to promote food/concessions items through sporting events?

During a recent game against the Oakland Raiders, Jets rookie QB Mark Sanchez was caught scarfing down a hot dog on the sideline between possessions. Sanchez attempted to apologize and explain the situation, but the damage was already done (garnering some well deserved publicity).

Hebrew National, a ConAgra brand, capitalized on the hot dog frenzy by devising a creative PR ploy that grabbed the attention of the media across the country. The company announced that it would offer free hot dogs to any fans attending an NFL game (with proof of a ticket stub) for the remainder of the season where a quarterback is caught on camera eating a hot dog.

Is the chance of a reocurrence likely? No.

But does it serve as a tremendous PR story for Hebrew National? Definitely.

By responding quickly as an organization, Hebrew National was able to gain thousands of dollars of media exposure and become relevant to sports fans without having to invest large sums of dollars in sponsorship rights, etc. Will the company's PR stunt have an effect on future retail sales? Definitely a possibility (at the very least, Jets fans might always think of Mark Sanchez when they see the Hebrew National brand which isn't a bad thing if Sanchez becomes a premier quarterback in the league).

It would be very interesting to see if an NFL player responded to Hebrew National's call-to-action and attempted the feat (although the NFL would most likely strongly oppose any efforts by Hebrew National as it did with KFC's Super Bowl touchdown ideas).

In the meantime, Hebrew National is offering all fans in attendance at the Jets-Raiders game a chance to redeem their ticket stubs to the game for a free pack of Hebrew National Beef Franks. Fans are being asked to submit their official ticket stub (including valid seat number and game date) and a 3x5 card complete with their name and address to: Sideline Hot Dog Offer PO Box 1026 Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1026. 

Check out a video of Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sidelines below: