NBDL Mascot Lives on Billboard to Sell Tickets

Are you looking for new ways to spur ticket sales? Are you looking to leverage a team mascot in a media campaign?

The Utah Flash of the NBA D-League recently called on their mascot, Flash Fox, to pull of an incredible stunt to drive season ticket sales. The team asked their mascot to live atop of a billboard along I-15 in American Fork, UT until the team sold 500 incremental season ticket packages... so he did.

On Friday, October 16th, Flash Fox took residence on a billboard touting the team's "Buy Tickets, Save Flash Fox" campaign and lived there for a full week until the team sold 500 season ticket packages. To pass the time, Flash Fox chatted with fans online, broadcasted his day-to-day actions to fans across the nation via Ustream, and camped out with a tent and a rocking chair.

The Utah Flash did a tremendous job supporting the campaign with a custom microsite (www.saveflashfox.com) that fostered Flash Fox's online fan interaction and linked to official Twitter/Facebook pages that featured frequent posts and video updates. The site featured tickers that detailed how long Flash had been living on top of the billboard and how many tickets still needed to be sold. It also mentioned local companies/persons who purchased tickets in support of the cause. 

When the team successfully sold 500 tickets, it called on the local fire department to help Flash Fox get down and filmed the entire story. Check out a terrific video of the entire campaign here:

Check out some of the media exposure the team received from the campaign:

The Seahawks Mascot Goes Skydiving to Promote Halftime...

Are you looking for new ways to drive buzz and awareness for an upcoming halftime performance? Are you looking for new ways to integrate corporate partners in halftime festivities?

During their upcoming game against the Oakland Raiders, the Seattle Seahawks are set to feature the Red Bull Air Force skydive team landing on the field during halftime. The 12-man skydiving team, who have performed 13K jumps together, will be making a stadium appearance to the tune of a live concert by the band The Presidents of the United States.

In an effort to promote the upcoming halftime festivities, the Seahawks sent their mascot, Blitz, last week to Pugent Sound to jump with the Red Bull Skydive team as a promotional stunt. The video, shown below, will be featured on the video board in the stadium for all fans in attendance to see while The Presidents of the United States perform a song about the mascot called "This is a Blitz". 

Hats off to the Seahawks organization for working with the Red Bull Air Force to create a captivating piece that truly shows the team's Seahawks mascot in flight. Check it out below: