The Bucks Celebrate Valentine's Day with A Little Humor

The Milwaukee Bucks recently celebrated Valentine's Day by creating a humorous jumbotron vignette that featured the team mascot, Bango, embarking on a full day of activities with his Valentine. The piece, set to the tune of Meatloaf's popular song "I'd Do Anything for Love", featured a pretty ironic twist that instantly won over all fans in attendance at the game vs. the Clippers.

The Milwaukee Bucks organization created the spot as part of a week-long effort to promote Bango as the most awesome mascot of the year in conjunction with the Cartoon Network's Hall of Game Awards. The Bucks are supporting the initiative by posting a skit, commercial, or dunk video every day of the week on the team's YouTube channel and leveraging Facebook and Twitter to drive awareness and fan voting.

Check out Bango's humorous Valentine's Day vignette below:

A special thanks to Michael Grahl of the Milwaukee Bucks organization for his insights and contributions to this column.

The Lotte Giants' Mascots Gone Wild...

Sports organizations looking for new ways to incorporate music into their games should check out a tactic the Lotte Giants, a professional Korean Baseball team, recently implemented as a case study of what NOT to do.

The Lotte Giants organization allowed three of its mascots to get on the dugout and reenact the music video of a recent hit song in Korea. The only problem? The performance called for one of the mascots to strip out of his costume and serenade a female mascot laying on top of the dugout. While the performance was probably a hit amongst many in attendance, it's a wonder what was going through the minds of young fans watching on...

The team, which plays its games at Sajik Baseball Stadium, is one of the most popular teams in the Korean Baseball Organization, drawing 1.38MM fans per year.

Take a quick moment to watch the enclosed video... it will be one that you never forget!