Essendon Turns to Augmented Reality to Engage Fans

Essendon FC of the Australian Football League (AFL) recently teamed up with an agency named tkmp to create an innovative augmented reality campaign that engaged fans in a new way on gameday.

Essendon FC used digital technology to project a group of virtual footballs onto the facade of the team's stadium, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Fans attending the match were encouraged to stand in front of a digital screen outside the venue and interact with the virtual footballs. The unique experience allowed fans a chance to see themselves projected onto the side of the stadium.

Check out the innovative campaign below:

Essendon FC and tkmp also teamed up to project some cool visuals at MCG - check it out below!

Essendon Football Club Projections from tkm9 on Vimeo.

A special thanks to Sam Attrilof nexusmg for his insights and contributions to this column!

Carlton Tests the Skills of Fans with Massive Magnatron Display

Carlton Draught created a huge splash around the AFL Grand Final in September 2010 by erecting an enormous Magnatron game that offered fourteen (14) lucky contestants a chance to win $100,00 worth of prizes. Carlton created a replica of the game, which consumers commonly play in bars using mini-cranes to pick up plush toys and other small prizes, that stood a massive 10 stories high at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Carlton provided the (14) select contestants with a chance to operate a 30m crane with a 750kg magnet attached to try to pick up a variety of prizes, including a Toyota HiLux vehicle, a 10-year AFL Grand Final hospitality package, and $5,000 cash from a Carlton Draught ATM. Contestants were tasked with positioning the Magnatron over a prize they desired, lining up the magnet, and aiming to ensure that they successfully clasped a valuable item.

Consumers could enter for the chance to be (1) of (14) select participants by participating in an on-pack and/or on-air promotion that Carlton executed in the marketplace. 

Check out the unique Magnatron activation stunt below: