The Florida Panthers Prevent Opposing Fans From Entering the Red Zone

In August 2011, the Florida Panthers announced a terrific new ticketing strategy that coincides with the team's new "We Are Red" marketing campaign and stresses the importance of fan unity. The team unveiled a new Red Zone section at the BankAtlantic Center where no fans of opposing teams will be allowed. The Red Zone area will span sections 105-114 and will only be available for full, half, and mini season ticket holders. 

While the team didn't reveal how they plan on policing the special seating area, the notion of the "Red Zone" is very intriguing because it serves as an easy way to create a loyal supporter section based on artificial demand. Fans rarely want to sit next to other individuals rooting against their favorite team, so why don't we see more organizations offering similar guarantees? If the area is policed appropriately, the Panthers' Red Zone could soon become a benchmark for many other organizations in sports.  

The Red Zone is part of a master plan that will unite Florida Panthers during the 2011 season:

“The RED Zone is a place for passionate and committed Florida Panthers fans – that may not already be season ticket holders – to be among their dedicated peers and set the tone for every Cats home game at the BankAtlantic Center,” said SSE president & COO Michael R. Yormark.

“In addition, our great partners at South Florida Ford are giving fans an opportunity to ‘see red’ even more in a 2012 Ford Focus. The RED Zone is just the latest extension of our ‘We See Red’ campaign and the full-scale red conversion of our franchise including the new red home jerseys, red lower bowl seats, red paint and signage in the arena and the new blood that will be featured on the Panthers’ opening night roster.”

The Florida Panthers Offer a Good Time Guarantee to Fans

The Florida Panthers recently turned to a new ticket sales strategy to draw fans to the Bank Atlantic Center in January. The Panthers are offering a "Good Time Guarantee" that ensures fans that they will receive their money back if they don't have a good time at any of the team's nine (9) home games during the month.

The Panthers are leveraging the guarantee and appealing single game ticket offers (game ticket and free parking for $9) to attract fans to the arena and assure an unforgettable live game experience.  The Money Back Guarantee applies to up to four (4) tickets for one (1) game during the month of January. The refund guarantee does not incorporate issues due to service, maintenance, parking, or building fees. 

Sunrise Sports and Entertainment President and COO Michael Yormark commented on the unique promo by saying, "We have been saying all season long that Florida Panthers hockey at the BankAtlantic Center is one of the best live experiences in South Florida, and the professional sports industry. Now, we are putting our money where our mouth is and guaranteeing that incredible experience or your money back.”

A "Good Time Guarantee" serves as a creative, unique idea for sports organizations looking for ways to spike attendance during months of slow attendance or poor attendance. It's important to note that the Panthers have played this strategy right - only offering it for a month-long period. Organizations can offer the "Good Time Guarantee" as a general slogan/cause throughout a season but they would not want to consider making a full ticket refund available for fans purchasing multiple game ticket packages.