Maker's Mark Doesn't Have a Taste for Michigan Football...

Are you looking to closely align your brand with a popular sports organization? Even if it comes at the cost of potentially stirring the loyalty of rival fans?

Maker's Mark recently posted a billboard in Columbus, Ohio that directly mocks the University of Michigan football team. The company, with headquarters in Loretta, Kentucky, currently features a billboard with a hand giving a toast, complemented by a tagline that reads "Here's to Football. Especially Michigan's".

Does the billboard cross the line? Probably yes. The billboard is an extremely risky move that could potentially alienate the entire University of Michigan fan base. But it does tap into the passion of the rivalry between the two Big Ten foes...a facet that brands often times strive to do.

Check out the billboard below. A special thanks to Nick Walstra for capturing the image and Ben Koo of Watercooler Sports for passing it along.