The Admirals Provide Giant Beach Ball Entertainment

The Milwaukee Admirals of the American Hockey League (AHL) have found an interesting way to entertain fans during select intermissions - a giant beach ball. The team features a Beach Ball Bounce game on the ice that features two (2) teams of four (4) helmeted participants competing to knock the beach ball, filled with helium, through open boards at both ends of the ice (where the zamboni's drive in).

The promotion could serve as a great way for organizations to cross-promote other sports in town (local soccer club, basketball team with giant branding on a ball), local businesses (giant bowling ball, pool ball), lotteries (giant lottery ball), casinos, and more.

Check out the Admirals' execution of the Giant Beach Ball Bounce below:

Are You Cut Out for the Amazing Seat Race?

Are you looking for new ways to draw buzz and excitement during the offseason? Are you looking to create new promotional ideas at the ballpark?

The Winnipeg Goldeyes of the independent Northern League and Hot 103, a local radio station, recently teamed up to create The Amazing Seat Race, a promotion that pitted three (3) select contestants against one another for the chance to win season tickets. The promotion challenged the contestants to sit in as many seats as possible during a 63 minute timeframe.

The winner? Pam Chubinski, a stay-at-home mom who managed to sit in 2,000+ seats using a sliding strategy to outperform the others. Craig Kuhlman, an inside sales rep, placed 2nd with 1,656 seats (a tough 2nd place finish to say the least). For the chance to take part in the promotion, Goldeyes fans were asked to fill out a three page entry form/questionnaire.

The promotion serves as a great way for sports properties to create an inexpensive promotion that leverages their existing assets (empty seats), yet is very engaging for consumers. Teams can benchmark this example by:

  • Hosting a pre-game promotion prior to their 500th sellout by challenging their fans to see who can sit in 500 seats in the fastest amount of time
  • Integrate a sponsor like 7-11 by creating a promotion pre-game/post-game where fans are timed sitting in their seats for 711 minutes for the chance to win a $500 shopping spree at a local 7-11 (all participants receive a takeaway) or see which fans can sit in 711 seats the fastest
  • Create similar promotions that leverage fitness sponsors (by hosting a special challenge for local gym attendees for the chance to win free season tickets)

Check out a clip of the promotional execution below:

Who Wouldn't Love "Sure-Win Wednesdays"?

Are you looking to create a promotion that will drive fans wild? Are you looking for a way to leverage a Sherwin Williams partnership?

The San Angelo Colts of United League Baseball (ULB) are teaming up with Sherwin Williams to offer "Sure-Win Wednesdays". a tremendous promotion that is perhaps the biggest fan favorite at the park. To celebrate the team's tenth anniversary, the Colts are offering a "Sure-Win Wednesday" promotion where if the team loses, all fans in attendance receive a ticket for the next Wednesday's home game (a great branding play for Sherwin "Sure-Win" Williams). In 2008, the team went undefeated each time it held the promotion on a Monday.

Is the "Sure-Win Wednesday" concept more likely to work in the minor leagues? Yes. But would it be possible to implement such an idea in the professional ranks? Yes as well. Corporate partners who offer in-venue fan destinations (e.g. Dew Deck, Gehl Club, Miller Lite Party Deck) could feature a similar promotional tactics for select guests at the ballpark on a particular night. 

The promotional concept dates back to 2004 (the Rockford Riverhawks of the Frontier League ran the same promotion). Look for more teams offering a "Sure-Win Wednesday" promotion in the near future!