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This month's newsletter features a collection of insights, including:

  • 20 Non-Traditional Bowl Game Sponsors in 2011-12
  • 2012 - GMR Marketing's Social Media Channels
  • Ohio University Center for Sports Administration
  • 2012 National Sports Forum
  • Navigate Research Industry Spotlight
  • Barclays 20,000th Goal Celebration
  • Sevilla Sells Space on Team Jerseys to Fans
  • Adidas Launches an Augmented Reality Initiative in Scotland
  • Audi Gives a Nod to the Barcelona-Real Madrid Rivalry in a Commercial
  • Oregon Athletics Play Up the Civil War Rivalry
  • All Blacks Fans Experience Rugby in a New Way
  • The Manhattan Sports Business Academy
  • Creativity In the Sports Marketplace
  • December 2011 Partnership Activation Rising Stars
  • The Old Spice Classic's Social Media Efforts
  • A Close Look at the 2011 Grey Cup
  • 5 #SportsBiz Handles You Must Follow on Twitter
  • 50 of the Most Creative Ideas in Sports Business in 2011
  • Zlaty Bazant Beer Encourages Fans to Drink Responsibly
  • Baylor IMG Gives Fans a Suite Seat for the Game
  • The Western Bulldogs' Capture Their Brand Story
  • The New BC Place Showcases the Future of Stadium Lighting
  • Red Bull Soars Over Moses Mahiba Stadium
  • Four (4) Creative Ways to Engage Fans with Interactive Walls
  • Idea Box

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The Raptors Get Creative With Their OOH Marketing

Are you looking for creative out-of-home marketing ideas? Are you looking for ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace?

In 2009, the Toronto Raptors created a tremendous out-of-home marketing campaign that drew the attention of many representatives in the industry. The campaign was so well executed by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, it was honored by the National Sports Forum (NSF) as the Best Out-of-Home campaign in sports in 2009.

Check out some of the organization's creative OOH marketing tactics below:

Click HERE for a list of some other NSF ADchievement Award Winners.