The Mavericks Showcase A Day in the Life of Their Players

The Dallas Mavericks recently unveiled a tremendous "Day in the Life" series on their official YouTube channel that provides fans with a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the lives of players on gameday. The first feature profiles the life of Mavericks center Tyson Chandler as he preps for gameday. Chandler is very welcoming individual who does a great job on camera showcasing all aspects of his life and personality.

If granted the access, Day in the Life features can serve as the exact type of behind-the-scenes content that fans are looking for. From a team business standpoint, these features also foster seamless opportunities to promote game nights, corporate partners, and the character and personalities of players on and off the court.

Check out the tremendous five-part series below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Take Fans Behind-the-Scenes to See Players Using Your Products

Brands looking for new ways to drive excitement for their products amongst sports fans should work with players, agents, teams, and leagues to create videos that literally show players using their product. While it's easy for some category partners (apparel, footwear, etc.) to showcase athletes actually wearing and using their gear, others need to go to further lengths to show players in an authentic light with their products in-hand.

The locker room video below shows LeBron James distributing a box of his new headphones, Miami Heat Beats by Dre, to all of his teammates as a token of his appreciation. The video is terrific because it literally shows all of the players as they receive their new set of headphones and is very authentic. Realizing that LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and the entire team wear these headphones will make Heat fans across the globe who see the viral piece want to go out and purchase a set.

Behind-the-scenes videos showcasing players using products (whether in real-time or a staged viral setting) can serve as a very effective play for locker room products, electronics, jewelry partners, magazines/books, etc.).

Check out the video below for an inside look: 

Leverage Electronics Partners In-Game...

Are you looking for new ways to leverage electronics partners? Are you looking for new ways to entertain fans during periods of play?

The Orlando Magic featured a humorous "Name that TV Tune" video board segment that served as a fan-favorite during games in the '08-09 season. The Magic created a few simple vignettes featuring players and dance team members trying to sing the words to a recognizable tune on their iPod (with iPod imagery in the background).

The vignettes serve as a great way for sports organizations to integrate electronics retailers/manufacturers and music companies in a seamless, memorable in-game setting. Depending on the partner, properties can easily replace the iPod (featured in the videos below) with a state-of-the-art cell phone, computer, television (karaoke-style), or other device.

Teams can even drive excitement in-arena by assigning participating players/dance team members to designated sections in-venue and rewarding the section of fans assigned to the player who sings the most correct lyrics with a free cd/song download (which can be distributed w/ voucher, picked up a Will Call, etc.)

Check out the Orlando Magic's "Name that TV Tune" vignettes below:




In 2009, the Magic organization introduced a humorous "Player Karaoke" vignette... Check it out below: